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Pure Energy GO

Pure Energy GO - New music created for Fitness

New music created for Fitness! Remove all PPL/PRS costs without compromising on your music quality!

Pure Energy GO is an exclusive music streaming service for the fitness industry that is 100% legal and removes all PPL/PRS music licensing costs, on average saving gym owners over 80% of their music costs.

Access a wealth of high quality fitness music via our innovative App, that features playlists, tempo adjustment, playlist builders, and programs curated by leading fitness professionals for the gym floor, Hiit, functional fitness, Mind Body, Indoor Cycling and all group exercise classes.

Pure Energy GO is the world’s first digital service provider (DSP) where the music industry and the fitness industry are working together to provide a complete solution for gym operators and fitness professionals. 100% compliant, quality new music, affordable and flexible.

Key Benefits

  • High quality class content, curated for the fitness professional.
  • Music produced for fitness – all in 1 place.
  • All PPL/PRS rights are included, minimizing any additional costs.
  • Gym floor solution – exceptional content with convenient access.
  • Monthly new music and class programs with the option to personalize and create your own playlists.


Chris Templeman

Tel: 01709710022

Additional Information

As a ClubRight customer you can take 15% off your first 3 months of any membership tier, saving even more on your music costs. To set up your membership please email with the subject line ‘ClubRight Membership’.

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