Martial Arts & Boxing Club Management Software

Our martial arts club software is now one of the leading choices here in the UK. Not only is it one of the most affordable at this price point for the features it offers but it’s been created by people from within the industry itself. Watch as it saves you time, money and hassle by providing you with the automation you need to push your martial arts club to the next level.

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The Ultimate Martial Arts & Boxing Club Management Software

ClubRight is the top rated and most affordable gym membership software, designed to save you time, delight your members, and grow your business.

If you’re an ambitious gym with a relentless appetite for growth, ProRight might be a more advanced martial arts / boxing club management software for you.

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Never Miss A Payment

Our in-built payments feature means you never need to miss a payment again as membership fees and class payments are taken for you.

Increase Your Income

The powerful functions within our in-cloud dashboard will help you not only max out classes but sell ancillary products. Push sales, then enjoy sales tracking figures and reports.

Attendance Tracking

Track individual attendance of members along with their progress to help tailor your program to provide for their needs and overall customer wants.

Boxing Club Management Software From Those In The Know

Whether you own a boxing club or a karate club, our martial arts management software will provide you with a plethora of functions that won’t just make life easier but will help you propel your business forward, pushing growth where and when possible. Our karate school software has been created to help you make light work of organising members, while providing you with marketing features to help not only manage them but manage your own staff too. With no contract to tie you in and no set up fees, our software is without a doubt, one of the best on the market.

Say goodbye to hidden costs and lengthy contracts. With ClubRight, you pay one affordable monthly payment on a rolling monthly basis.

Push your membership sales and guide your clients along a carefully planned sales funnel with in-built marketing features.

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Martial Arts & Boxing Club Membership Software By The Best

Our boxing club software has been created by ex-gym owners who have a keen insight into what’s needed to run a member based establishment, whether it’s a karate club or a mixed martial arts club. Thanks to our carefully constructed software, you’ll see an immediate reduction in admin as memberships are taken care of for you, from payments to registration and more. Members will also enjoy more control, being given access to class timetables, booking on as and when they want.

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Take Your Marketing To New Heights

With our powerful in-built marketing features, you can easily take your marketing and advertising to the next level, directly from your in-cloud dashboard. From marketing emails to marketing texts, inform your members about upcoming classes, new offers and new products with ease. ClubRight is so much more than just a boxing membership management system. Our martial arts studio software is here to provide you with the automation needed, where you need it the most so you can focus on growth.

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Say Goodbye To Lengthy Contracts & Hidden Costs

Unlike other martial arts membership software, we won’t tie you into lengthy contracts for the simple fact that we know our karate school software delivers. With the help of our automatic tools and powerful in-built features, you’ll find our price point almost unbeatable. Say goodbye to set up fees and data transfer fees too, as we charge just one single monthly payment. If you’re looking for the ultimate boxing club software, it’s safe to say you’ve found it here with ClubRight.

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