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Our Mission

Here at ClubRight, it’s our mission to disrupt the current market with our dynamic and refreshing solutions. We focus solely on simplicity, efficiency and nothing less than seamless connectivity with our industry suppliers.

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Our Story

Our membership management software is here to help all club owners and sole traders within the industry, from small boutique gyms to large scale health clubs. We want to help you effectively manage undoubtedly one of your biggest assets: your members.

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It was our mission at ClubRight to totally disrupt the current market by bringing our dynamic and refreshing software solution. We wanted to focus on seamless connectivity, simplicity and of course efficiency. That’s exactly what we’ve achieved and what’s more, we’ve been able to do so at an affordable price too. It should therefore come as no surprise that we’ve made quite the impact within the market and become one of the leading software choices for those within the health and fitness industry.

At its very core however, ClubRight is about serving you, it’s customer. Whether you’re a personal trainer setting up for the very first time or you’re a large scale health club who’s looking to move away from their current software, we’re here to support you at every stage and make your journey a happy one.

Making the Right choice?

ClubRight is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO Wayne Heath. Wayne designed the software based on his own needs as a gym owner. Being a gym owner, Wayne had a unique insight not only into the industry itself but understood fully the unique ups and downs faced by these types of businesses. Having such an incredible understanding of the challenges faced by these businesses, Wayne was able to create a product that provided an unrivalled amount of support as well as a uniquely crafted software that was able to deliver in such a way that it quickly became a market leader. Wayne Heath and the rest of the team at ClubRight truly believe that this software answers the needs of its customers… and then some.

ClubRight’s passion and customer care are without a doubt, first-class and as such, they’re one of the top rated for value-for-money on Capterra.

The ClubRight Team

At it’s very core, ClubRight exists solely to serve its customers. Our passion and customer care are truly unrivalled thanks to our incredible team, whom we might add, you can meet below.

Founder & CEO

Wayne Heath

Fun Fact - In my own time, you can find me making noise of different type by playing the drums in a rock band!

Over the years, I have become the go-to person for new businesses in the health and fitness industry because I love to help businesses grow. After owning gyms and a software company in the same sector in the past, I like to think I’ve been there and bought the t-shirt! Unlike some, I truly understand what gym owners (and business owners in general) want – and ClubRight was founded on this concept.

My passion of driving ClubRight forward to do everything better is what makes me the whirlwind of enthusiasm that has helped so many happy customers using ClubRight.

Finance Director

Gary White

Outside of working with Clubright, I'm a self-confessed football fanatic, being chairman of Isthmian North Division side Heybridge Swifts FC and have played the game regularly for over 40 years.

I am a qualified accountant with over 40 years of experience in helping both large and small companies to grow their profits and value.

I love working with technology and I'm a great believer and passionate advocate of cloud-based solutions, often using up to 15 applications a day on my laptop or iPhone, many times requiring a reboot as a result! Away from business and football, I'm married and have 2 grown-up daughters.

Operations Director

Tina Dulieu

I am a huge fan of the ocean, it makes me happy and I take every opportunity to cruise it and go fast on the water – speedboats, jet skis, wonderful!

As Operations Director my role is to help define the business strategy and direction of the business along with the other Directors, bringing more than 20 years of business experience to the company.

I love working with our fantastic and fun ClubRight team to ensure we are true to our values, highly motivated and strive to be the best we can be in our roles.


Paul Allington

I can do a hand-stand for longer than ten seconds!

I’m Paul, aka "The Code Guy!”

I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Technology Specialist with a degree in Computing for Artificial Intelligence and over 15 years’ experience of building software, collecting many awards along the way.

Head of all things tech, I am an architect and lead developer for the ClubRight software, so I know the system back to front and I enjoy solving the challenges set by the fitness industry.

Sales Team

Head of Sales

Neil Woodward

Along with my daughter (During Lockdown 2020), we created DADnastics 👉 "Daddy & Daughter take to the floor in the most amazing gymnastic routines #Covid19" https://www.facebook.com/DADnastics/

I am responsible for heading up the fabulous sales team at ClubRight. My main focus is on finding new business opportunities and then discussing the features and benefits, of our solutions, with potential new clients via an online demo (As you can see from my photo, I have the perfect face for online demos) 😂

I have over 20-years experience of working in the leisure industry and these include; working in gyms/health clubs, selling fitness equipment, providing Direct Debit billing solutions and so now, along with my understanding of the software side of the business, it gives me some great experience to be very consultative in what I do.

Business Development Consultant

Dan Lloyd

Fun Fact - Other than going to the gym 5 days a week, I love nothing more than a good film to get into, as I am a bit of a film fanatic!

I've worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years at a well-known B2B magazine, and for a prestigious fitness awards company. I have met and worked with a large number of clients over the years from all aspects of the fitness sector, along with attending a countless number of trade shows.

So I guess you could say I am more than familiar with the day-to-day running of gyms, health clubs and so on!

Business Development Consultant Sport-Spain and Latin America

Odei Martin

Positive. Passion and hard work are my two favourite words. I feel lucky for doing what I love. Being footballer gives me a great insight as I know the challenges that a sports club has on a daily basis.

All sport needs to make things simple and easy so that the club can grow, which is what ClubRight helps you do. Despite I arrived 2 years ago to UK, I have already got a strong Essex accent.

Siempre Positivo. Pasión y esfuerzo son mis dos palabras favoritas. Me siento afortunado de hacer aquello que amo. Ser futbolista me ha hecho entender cuáles son las necesidades de un club en su día a día. Todo deporte debe simplificar y facilitar las cosas para que el club pueda crecer, que es lo que ClubRight te ayuda a hacer. A pesar de que llegué hace 2 años al Reino Unido, ya tengo un fuerte acento de Essex.

Beti positibo. Pasioa eta ahalegina dira nire bi hitz gogokoenak. Zorionekoa sentitzen naiz maite dudana egiteagatik. Futbolaria izateak, klub baten egunerokotasuneko beharrak zein diren ulertzea lagundu dit. Edozein motatako kirol klubek, gauzak erraztu eta sinplifikatu beharko lituzkete, hazitzen jarraitzeko. Hori da ClubRight-k egiten duena. Duela 2 urte Erresuma Batura etorri nintzen arren, Essex azentu garbia dut jada.

future employee
Future Clubright Employee

Could This Be You?

Customer Success & Help Team

Head of Customer Success

Mary Duhig

I have bundles of energy and love the outdoors! I can often be found scaling climbing walls and crags.

I'm Mary, the Head of Customer Success and it's my job to ensure that our customers are happy throughout their journey at ClubRight.I have over 10 years customer service experience, most of which within the tech industry and a strong passion for customer satisfaction, that coupled with a keen personal interest in fitness means I understand the needs of our customers and aim to make every customer a brand ambassador for ClubRight!
Help Desk

Sam Tolley

Fun Fact - I love football - watching it or playing it!

My job as a Customer Success Advisor is to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of using their system. My passion lies with making our clients happy, and I will always go above and beyond to help people!
Help Desk

Kane Vanner

Tickets gather, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.

Tickets gather, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no breaks, ignore no issue, resolve all errors. I shall disregard no feedback and expect no gratitude. I shall live and die at my post. I am the geek on the orange circle. I am the writer of the articles. I am the voice that answers the support phone line. I pledge my life and honour to the Support Team, for this day and all the days to come.- The ClubRight Support Vow, apparently.
future employee
Future Clubright Employee

Could This Be You?


Accounts Manager

Melanie Heath

I am a lover of red wine, a mother to 3 active children and Mum to my four-legged friend!

As a former gym owner, I understand completely the running and day-to-day requirements of the gym industry.

I have over 15 years' experience previous experience in the PR industry, I understand the importance of the customer journey, and part of my role is to ensure the consistent delivery of a high level of customer service at ClubRight.

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Mehreen F.
Mehreen F.
Verified review
review All in one solution for community engagement ☺membership management is very easy and has everything needed by a club manager ☹nothing really. i have been always satisfied with club right.
Kirk L.
Kirk L.
Verified review
This booking app is a Life changer 10/10 for everything. Would highly recommend this service to anyone ☺The ease of using it and the fact that it saves me about 20 hours a week from manually booking people in via a paper diary. The customer support is amazing. I am not technical at all and did find it difficult to get my head around it all the first few days. Even though it's so simple it takes me a while to pick things up. The customer support is the best I've ever received hands down. I would email the Brough the orange button and have a response almost immediately EVERY TIME. The advisor explained everything in great detail until I was comfortable with using the booking app Would highly recommend this to anyone. I just wish I'd of started sooner ☹NOTHING. This app is the best decision over ever made as a business
Dave S.
Dave S.
Verified review
Best on the market The joining process was seemless with excellent training on via a zoom call. The intergrations and partners they have give you multiple options in how you run business. ☺The functionality of the software is so easy to use with the customer support system they have things normally get solved instantly. ☹None, I'm just annoyed I didn't sign up earlier!
Toxic C.
Toxic C.
Verified review
Can't believe I waited so long to sign up to ClubRight! So far so good - I absolutely love this software. Furthermore the customer relations and overall experience delivered by the team (particularly [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] has been second to none. ☺Easy to use; great sleek look that matches my brand; super client friendly. ☹Consumer sign-up analytics as a spreadsheet/chart would be a bonus
Amanda M.
Amanda M.
Verified review
Awesome Product Clubright is a brilliant system, user friendly and simple to use. Members are also finding it easy to use and the new covid bits make my members feel much safer using the gym. Only downside is customer support isn't available during wider hours. They do respond quickly when they are available though. ☺I love how simple and easy it is to use. ☹It would be great if customer support was available for longer hours and at weekends.
Olly D.
Olly D.
Verified review
Elite Fitness The guys at ClubRight have gone above and beyond to help me, unfortunately through no fault of ClubRight I have had issues and they have always on hand to help out, customer service is 5 star and although I am only a small club they have made me feel like their only client at time's, ClubRight has a family run feel about it and I would highly recommend them to anyone. ☺The App is what attracted me the most to using ClubRight, having everything member's need just one click away has made a massive difference in the running of our club. ☹The only issue I have is with the integration with Harlands who are my DD providers, due to the lack inconsistency of integration I have often not seen a true reflection of my members and daily takings to solve this I have made the decision to start using Go Cardless to collect my DD in future as they have a 100% integration with ClubRight which we'll enable me to use all their features.
Robbie W.
Robbie W.
Verified review
ClubRight is a defo Sorted out the constant hassle of chasing down members that are just kept up to date by writing names in a book ☺So easy to use, for the first time we can now confidently offer direct debits at the click of a button. Our membership numbers have increased greatly ☹So many options and takes a while to get your head around
Adam G.
Adam G.
Verified review
CH1 PT ☺Automated integrations and email options to communicate to members ☹Multiple payment options to different bank accounts
Jamie K.
Jamie K.
Verified review
Difficult for a technophobe like me but so worth it in the end Great, I am so grateful to the service for my business and to the staff who were very patient with me. ☺I love how simple it is, and how professional it is from a members point of view. Makes them see that they are in professional hands, and being looked after and catered for. Taken seriously almost. Once you have figured out how it works lol. Like anything its scary and new at the start but once you practise and familiarise yourslef and torment the online staff with questions and live support chats it all comes together and now I look forward to going into it and using it. ☹Often video calls that were scheduled were changed last minute and sometimes the dates we had agreed on the phone for support calls were sent for a different day and time. That was my only negative thing about the whole service. The software is top notch and really user friendly and slick. Again....once you familiarise yourself with it. You have to be willing to put in the effort and get your head around it all. Before lockdown, I didnt even know what PDF meant!
Katie S.
Katie S.
Verified review
Highly recommend Club Right We love Club Right, the best move we made when we switched to them. ☺Easy to use and the support we receive from the team is paramount. ☹There is nothing I can say for improvements. They are always on step ahead