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Customer feedback, satisfaction surveying and the Net Promoter Score.

Understanding how your customers feel about the experience you provide is vital, and Leisure-net Solutions can assist on 3 fronts. Customer feedback, satisfaction surveying and the Net Promoter Score. NPS (on a score of 0 – 10, 10 being highly likely, how likely are you to recommend our club to a friend, relative or colleague) is a universal method of measuring loyalty.

Their closed loop system also asks why they would not and provides referral voucher or guest pass if they will. NPS will give you sales opportunities and a barometer to constantly measure your impact on the customer experience.

We all know customers want to leave or freeze, recovery Focus provides a service to assist your team to recover these customers before they leave and generate insight into why people leave and what you can do about these reasons.

All services can report automatically and collate results from multi-site operators and be linked to trigger points within ClubRight member journeys.

Key Benefits

  • Surveys can be automated using triggers in the customer journey
  • Results can be benchmarked with other operators in the sector
  • Simple to implement and use
  • Supported by a passionate and experienced team
  • Puts your customer views at the heart of the decision-making process


David Monkhouse

Tel: 07872 100538

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