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Harlands Group

Full-Service Direct Debit Solutions

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Harlands Group ensures your memberships are managed in the best way possible

Maximise your income but also to provide the member with the easiest membership journey. This starts from the moment they join. Their system is totally integrated with the Clubright signup process. Significant investment has been made to produce a best in class online signup process that is totally secure and where bank details are checked instantly at no extra cost.

Occasionally payments fail or the member needs to change their payment – The member can manage their payment through their smartphone via Harlands Payflex, or speak to their customer service team to resolve. The Harlands system integrates automatically with Clubright to allow your staff the ability to focus on the service in the club only. In short, the small operators can achieve big company infrastructure and efficiencies at a fraction of the cost. Their process looks after all aspects of membership administration, credit control and security – whatever your facility.

Key Benefits

  • 40% reduction in membership defaults each month
  • Dramatic reduction in administration at the club
  • Complete data and process security for any operator
  • Full credit control and debt recovery as required
  • The ability for the member to manage the membership payments online via Payflex

Tel: (+44) 01444 449157

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