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Automated training experience

eGym’s automated training experience has progression built-in to ensure every training programme is optimised for the individuals’ goals and needs – delivering greater results for members, plus more customers, lower dropout rates and higher profits for owners.

With the benefits of online applications, designed to meet the on-demand needs of the modern consumer, users and operators can access real-time data anytime, anywhere through the eGym Trainer app and eGym Fitness app.

eGym’s integration with Clubright provides gym operators with a seamless direct connection between the club’s front desk CRM solution and the Trainer app on the training floor - ensuring smooth operations management of members in one place.

Key Benefits

  • Accessible, fun and motivating for all target groups – including athletes, rehabilitation patients and diabetics.
  • Long-term member satisfaction with goal-orientated training programmes and progressive workouts, which guarantees member success.
  • Automatic workout tracking and software-supported customer care.
  • Connected training inside and outside of the gym via the eGym ONE open-cloud platform
  • Optimised capacity and utilisation of the training area as well as improved staff efficiency.

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