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This Is EGYM

EGYM is a global fitness technology leader that connects the dots between exercise and real health outcomes by partnering with fitness and health facilities worldwide to make workouts smarter, more efficient, and fun for everyone.

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What Moves Us Is Moving Fitness Forward

We are a global fitness technology leader that provides fitness and health facilities with intelligent workout solutions built on a robust ecosystem of connected gym equipment and software. EGYM empowers gym operators to deliver a comprehensive workout experience through its smart gym equipment and digital solutions to support their members' fitness journey and provide data-based guidance to help them stay motivated and achieve their goal of a healthier life with improved physical and mental wellness.

We Believe Member Success Means Gym Success

At EGYM, we always start with the members. Our goal is to help you educate your members on the importance of exercise, specifically strength training, to achieve long-lasting training success and real health outcomes. Most gym-goers are not aware of the impact workouts will have on their health, including benefits like increased life-long functional capacity, a stronger cardiovascular system, increased immune defense, and improved physical and mental wellness. We want to arm you with the right messages and knowledge, so you can win the trust of your members and make them successful using your EGYM solution.

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