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You don't have to be a designer or tech whiz to use MailChimp

Their design tools make it easy to create sophisticated campaigns that shine a light on the best parts of your business.

With millions of customers come millions of insights. MailChimp puts your data to work so you can gather insights on your most successful campaigns and get personalised advice for your next move.

Key Benefits

  • Works with over 300 apps and services, allowing you to connect with tools you already use to unlock more powerful marketing features.
  • Helps millions of customers in 175+ countries, with tools, insights and inspiration backed by a ton of data.
  • Sends 6 billion emails a week, and they make sure that they get into inboxes – their deliverability sets the bar high.
  • Their FREE plan gives you access to all of the features you need to expand your email marketing base.

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