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Learn how ClubRight stacks up against other club & fitness management solutions when it comes to pricing, core features, payments, customer service, and more.

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“I love, love, love the level of support available. The guys on the other end of their Help Chat are amazing. They’re always there to help no matter how silly the questions are!”

Claire Casson, Xtreme Fitness

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What to consider when choosing membership management software

How much does it really cost?

Seems like an obvious one but many platforms hide their pricing from their website because they disguise their pricing with add-ons or have lots of hidden fees. Some even try and tie you in to long term contracts too.

If a provider displays their pricing on their website, lets you come and go without contracts then you know they have nothing to hide. We believe in simple transparent pricing, we all know where we stand then.

Can I get support when I need it?

Getting in touch with customer support should be simple and easy, with ample resources at your fingertips to help you get the most of your new software.

Ask about online, email, chat, and phone support and find out what their average response times are (our average response time is 6 min 23 sec by the way!)

Is it easy to switch?

Migrating your membership data could be a daunting task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. And if you are migrating direct debits, there’s potentially a lot of paperwork for you too.

Ask about this process and see how involved they will be to help you get up and running without the hassle.

What payment options are available?

A simple rule in business is to make it easy to get paid. That means helping your members and customers pay you the way they want to. That could be by direct debit, credit or debit card, standing order or even cash.

Make sure your provider gives you all the options you need to collect your money easily and that you your money is paid out in to your bank account quickly (not once or twice a month either!).

Is the software continuously improving?

When you compare software, one of the most crucial yet easy to overlook things is whether the tool will scale with your business. You may be a small now, but you’d be surprised how quickly good club membership software has you hitting all your targets.

Does the price go up based on how many users you have? Or how many contacts in your database?

To prevent having to switch tools a year or two down the road, see what kind of features are available across all plans, not just the one you’re interested in now.


See how ClubRight measures up against other membership management alternatives

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7 Red Flags To Watch For When You Compare Software

The software is 'free'

Nothing good in life comes for free.

If a software company is promising their software for ‘free’ it either means you’ll be hit with a bunch of hidden fees or the software is not fit for purpose.

The product hasn't changed in years

To get an idea of whether a company is investing in innovation, check out their company announcements and product updates. You should easily find this information on their blog or social media. The frequency of updates will tell you just how much they’re improving their product. Hint: if they aren’t regularly updating their social media or posting blog posts, run for the hills!

Poor customer support

Having help when you need it is essential. Before signing up, put their support team to the test by reaching out to their customer support via email, live chat, phone or social media. If you wait for days or even weeks for an answer, then they probably won’t be helpful when your company really needs them.

You cannot make changes yourself

When running your fitness business, you need to make changes on the go. Having to ask and then wait for someone else to change a payment schedule, send a message or update a members record is just not acceptable in this day and age.

You should have full control over your members records and their payments at all times.

Bad customer reviews

When it’s time to compare club management systems, online customer reviews can be a good source of objective feedback on a product or company.

Check out independent review sites likes Capterra or GetApp to get an unbiased view.

Also, pay attention to how the company responds to negative reviews to determine how valid the reviewer’s concerns are and how much the brand cares.

It's difficult to organise a 121 demo

After reviewing all of your different options, you’re probably going to want to see the software in action. At this stage, it’s generally best to speak to a product specialist to see how the software will fit within your business objectives.

Booking this initial demo should be really simple and easy with time slots made available to your needs.

Pricing is confusing

If the pricing for the software is confusing or worse still, not displayed on their website at all then be careful when comparing between providers.

This usually means the software has hidden fees, charge different amounts for different customers or change the pricing based on what they think they can get away with, which is hardly a trustworthy start to a relationship!

If they’ve got nothing to hide, you’ll be able to view their pricing upfront before you even speak with them.

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    “ClubRight took care of everything. Our account was created right away and once we’d retrieved our data from the previous provider we were able to put it straight into ClubRight. Their Help Team assisted with the integration setup and it was great to be able to speak to actual humans during that process – which can’t be said for a lot of other software companies!”

    Julie Burfoot-Brown, Fitness Function

    “I would recommend ClubRight. It’s great software with so many benefits and everything we need to run the club is in one place.To ClubRight, thank you for all of your assistance during our setup – it’s a pleasure to work with you!”

    Stuart Harris, RKA Kickboxing Academy

    “I love, love, love the level of support available. The guys on the other end of their Help Chat are amazing. They’re always there to help no matter how silly the questions are!”

    Claire Casson, Xtreme Fitness