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Member Motivation & Positivity with Darryl White

Darryl is the Owner of BodyHub Billericay – an outdoor bootcamp and assault course designed for people that want to improve their general fitness and wellbeing. In this episode, Wayne chats to Darryl about the power of positivity and the responsibility of keeping your members motivated.

Our guest this week is Core Health & Fitness representative Rob Handy! Rob has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, from equipment sales and consultancy to founding the Independent Gym Owners UK & Ireland network almost five years ago.

Do gym owners need to worry about Data Protection? with Charlotte Woolven-Brown

We’re back this week with guest Charlotte Woolven-Brown! Charlotte is a qualified solicitor specialising in Data Protection and GDPR. In this episode, Wayne and Charlotte break down the confusion surrounding GDPR for gym owners. Charlotte also offers tips and best practices on how your club can stay 100% compliant, and avoid those nasty fines!

Surviving COVID 19 in the Fitness Industry with Guy Griffiths

We’re virtually joined by Guy Griddiths of GGfit. Guy is a retention expert with years’ of valuable knowledge on best practices for keeping your members engage. So, we thought we’d get him on the podcast and ask for his thoughts and advice on navigating COVID-19.

In this episode, we address a common theme when it comes to owning a fitness business: over-complication. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a million membership options and endless circuits of equipment to impress your members, nor do you need lots of different systems in place to make sure your business runs smoothly. Wayne and Neil talk about the different ways that gym owners can run into over-complication and ways to simplify things!

Selling Memberships: Are they still relevant?

We’re at a really exciting time where the UK fitness and wellness market is over 20 billion pounds in size! So now is a great time to start thinking about what you can do to make things better, or even starting your own fitness business if you don’t have one already.

Advice from an Accountant to a Gym Owner

In this episode of Conversations with ClubRight, we speak to accountant, entrepreneur and Heybridge Swifts chairman Gary White! He has 40 years experience in the accounting sector, so we thought we’d pick his brains about everything a gym owner should know about finances and setting up your own business.

What on Earth is a PRE-Pre Sale?!

Today Neil and Wayne are talking about one of Neil’s crazy inventions: a Pre-Pre-Sale. The majority of club owners will have heard of a Pre-Sale, which is effectively selling memberships to prospects ahead of when a new business is set to open – meaning you’ve got people using your club as soon as the doors open. A PRE-Pre-Sale is one step further than that! Neil explains why it’s useful and why new clubs everywhere should consider it.

What’s the best way to stay ahead of your competitors?

This week, we chat about competitors and what to do about them. A lot of clubs panic when a new fitness facility opens up in the same town, especially if their pricing is more competitive than yours! We talk about how to add value to the member experience, gain loyal members and most importantly, how to stay competitive.

Fancy being a guest on our podcast?

If you’ve got a story worth sharing or want to share some advice you wish someone had given you when you first started your business, apply to be a guest on season two of our podcast!