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fitness near me

Fitness Near Me

Fitness Near Me is the ultimate online directory where you can search for a variety of fitness activities and trainers. Search by category and location. Got a health and fitness business of your own? Register for free today!

For The
Business Owner

Created by the team at ClubRight, Fitness Near Me is for independent Fitness business owners who are looking to grow their business. Register for free. It’s quick and easy. Fitness Near Me is suitable for…

  • Independent Gyms
  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Bootcamps
  • Yoga and Pilates studios
  • Boutique Studios
  • Independent Leisure Centre
  • Martial Arts Clubs
  • Online Fitness
  • Sports Clubs

For Fitness

An online directory where you can search for all kinds of fitness activities by category and location!

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Discover Fitness Near me

Created by ClubRight, Fitness Near Me helps people find fitness activities near them and fitness business owners get their facility discovered.

How you can benefit
with ClubRight

All Fitness Near Me features are available to all ClubRight powered businesses.

Sell memberships Online

Whether you’re a personal trainer, a bootcamp or a health club, you can benefit from another sales funnel, selling memberships online via the directory.

Sell Products Online

Sell ancillary products online too, increasing your revenue and enhancing the experience for members with ease.

Book Classes Online

Allow members the freedom to book their classes online, giving them control and providing them with a more enhanced experience.

Social Distancing Tool online

Keep your members informed of social distancing protocols to keep everyone knowledgeable and safe - including yourself and say goodbye to cash payments thanks to automated payment options.

Get noticed and
Increase revenue

Provide another outlet for people to discover you and enjoy watching your revenue increase through on-board sales of memberships and products.


Created To Serve A Need

ClubRight was born to help gym owners organise their admin and help grow their businesses. Since then, ClubRight expanded to cater to a plethora of different types of fitness business from bootcamps to studios. In order to cater to hundreds of businesses around the globe, helping to simplify their running and maximise their growth, we decided to address a distinct need… a need for local businesses to be found by local people.

And Fitness Near Me Was Born

And so, Fitness Near Me was born. Fitness Near Me is the ultimate online directory where people can search for all kinds of fitness activities quickly and easily by category and location. Register for free and watch your business grow; it’s quick, easy and the benefits speak for themselves.

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If you own a business within the health and wellness industry, register for free today and watch your business grow through the exposure of this amazing directory. Get noticed and increase your revenue, selling memberships and products online. The benefits of Fitness Near Me are too good to miss.

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