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DFC and ClubRight have partnered to offer a seamless integration of their ClubRight and FastDD platforms. The data link will establish a joined-up approach that enables mutual clients to get the best out of both systems in a single environment.

Clients will be able to suspend and un-suspend member payments following payment runs whilst also remaining informed about new member sign-ups. New joiners will be greeted with valuable additional features such as 'how did you hear about us' section.

Any unpaid payments will automatically prompt an update of the customer status to identify the issue and send an outstanding invoice detailing the full amount owed by the customer.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline the member journey through the online joining process to engage with more members, leading to increase sales.
  • The decrease in attrition between 1 – 2%
  • Reengage with members to increase the average length of stay. (On average 3 months)
  • Free up time for key members of the team to be more member-focused, proactive and efficient.
  • Reduction in administration costs delivering a clear ROI.

Tel: (+44) 01908 422 000

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