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Ask about our PRE-Pre-Sell solution now - You do not need a website, a billing company connected, a confirmed location, or even an Opening Date to get started with us.


How our Pre-Pre-Sell Solution works

If you are Launching / Opening a Brand-New Club, it is extremely challenging, but working with ClubRight; who provide Membership Management Software that has been built by Gym Owners, for Gym Owners will certainly help to ease much of that pain and give you a springboard into having a much more successful business.

We are the Experts for helping New Club Start-ups and existing businesses opening a new club.

You’ve heard of a Pre-Sell, but have you heard of a PRE-Pre-Sell?

Here are the details of the ClubRight “PRE”-Pre-Sell Solution...

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  • Get set-up with us within 10-minutes. We just need your business name (& a Logo which can be changed later too, if required).
  • You can start using the software immediately after you have been given access.
  • You do not need a Website.
  • You do not need a confirmed opening date.
  • You do not need to have a Billing company connected to get started with us.
  • There are No Upfront Costs.
  • During your “PRE”-Pre-Sell period, you will only have to pay us £29 +vat per Month (Collected by Direct Debit) and your first Monthly payment to us will not be taken until approximately one week after you have been given access to the software.
  • There is No minimum-term Contract with us.
  • You will own the Member data that is collected.

How it works:

  • We provide you with a Branded Online portal (With a unique website page address) that you can share with people via email, message and social media etc (Asking them to share it too) so that you can capture people’s interest (It also takes care of you becoming GDPR compliant and also not having peoples contact details lying about, which is not ideal).
  • You can then use your system with us, to send group messages out to keep your potential customers updated with exciting news/images of the club as things are getting ready and equipment / top tips etc – Which helps to keep them engaged and makes them feel part of something prior to when you open.
  • Your potential customers can register Online, complete their personal details in the system, take a profile photo using their phone/tablet/webcam and even download the ClubRight Members App ready for when you launch.
  • Once you then know the confirmed opening date, let us know and we can put you in contact with one of our Billing partners (Direct Debit &/or Online Card) then help you create a pre-sell for the Membership Plans that your customers will now be able to sign-up to, through the same system that they are already registered in – This makes the whole buying process for them even easier. We then just increase your next Monthly fee for us to our on-going, standard ClubRight price of only £69 +vat p/m (Still with No Contract) – Unless you opt for a higher product instead (See pricing page for details).
  • To confirm: You own the customer data which is collected through the software.

Get in touch to see how we can help make opening a Brand-New Club an easier proposition to what you might be thinking right now. Thank you.

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Startup Benefits

There are numerous benefits to choosing ClubRight, especially when it comes to starting your business. Here are just a few…

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Keep Admin To A Minimum

Keep admin to a minimum from the very beginning by allowing the powerful automation tools within our software to process registrations, take payments and even allow members to book their own classes.

Keep Members Organised

Forget lists of paper or spreadsheets. ClubRight will keep your members organised for you. It will tell you when members visit your app and even help you track sales.

Keep Costs Down

Forget set up fees and hidden costs. With ClubRight you pay just one monthly fee for the whole app. What you see, is what you pay.

What You Get
With ClubRight

ClubRight isn’t just an app, it’s an entire software system to help you run your business smoothly. Reduce your admin, ensure payments are made and track the sales of memberships to help you push growth to the max.


Enjoy complete freedom by accessing your dashboard anywhere in the world. Have total control on the go from tracking members to communications with staff.

Simple Pricing

No hidden costs or set ups, just one simple monthly affordable payment. What you see is exactly what you pay.

Enhanced Experience For Members

Our app will provide a more enhanced experience for members that not only increases engagement but gives them back more control.

Tracks Sales

Through your in-cloud dashboard, you’ll be able to track sales and alter your marketing accordingly, pushing growth as much as possible.

Improve Marketing

ClubRight boasts powerful in-built marketing features that will allow you to focus on expanding your business and growing where and when possible.

Organise Staff

Our members software also helps organise staff members too as they’re given the opportunity to view hours worked as well as staff rotas.

Our Integrated Partners

Our in-built partner solutions complement your ClubRight experience.
From taking payments to email marketing and fitness tracking,
our software is designed to connect seamlessly with other
leading industry suppliers.

Designed to Save You Time

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