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Nortech Control Systems

Nortech Control Systems - People and Vehicle Access Control Systems.

The DeltaQuest Universal OEM Controller provides I/O support for PC-based access control or membership software that needs to manage access points.

Nortech has been providing OEM access control solutions for third-party membership software for over 15 years. The new DeltaQuest OEM access controller is the latest cutting edge edition that can provide the ideal solution for the use of membership based gym access control.

The DeltaQuest controller can be integrated with any Nortech or 3rd party reader giving it the capability to work with a range of access technologies such as:
- QR code technology
- RFID cards, wristbands & fobs
- NFC mobile technology
- Mifare cards & fobs
- Biometrics
- Facial ID

The system software simply needs to check that the member’s access details are valid for that access point and indicate this to the DeltaQuest controller. Where the credentials are valid, the DeltaQuest controller will permit entry at the associated turnstile/speedgate.

Key Benefits

  • Open hardware platform designed to integrate directly with 3rd party membership and visitor software systems.
  • Easy to switch credential technology and readers without having to replace the whole access control system.
  • Single system, software allows for an extensive functionality for leisure industry including member management, bookings & activities, digital member app, upselling etc.
  • Up to 32 access points can be managed via a single USB port or TCP/IP network connection
  • Fully configurable via user-friendly software


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