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Ultimately, organisation and internal operations can make or break the success of your gym. That’s why many businesses in the fitness industry invest in a gym management system.

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It allows you to manage all areas of the business from one central app, from controlling memberships to generating new enquiries and communicating with customers.

What are the other benefits of investing in a gym management system?

Getting New Customers

One great feature of a gym management system is its user-friendly ability to market your club. Communication tools make it easy to send out promotional emails to prospects or push notifications to upsell existing members. New customers can also join and pay online 24/7, so you’re no longer restricted by your business opening hours to make a sale. Gym management software also gives you the power to automate prospect follow-ups which frees up time to focus on more productive tasks.

Managing Bookings and Class Scheduling

With a gym management system, you can easily schedule classes and manage the attendees, from restricting the number of people that can book to assigning an instructor to the class. The same can be applied to other types of bookable activities; perfect if you run a community centre that hosts events and need to be able to manage everything from one place.

Payment Process Management

Managing a gym involves a lot of admin. Member payments, cancellations, staff payroll and bookkeeping are all necessary but time-consuming tasks. With a gym management system, you can automate most of those boring tasks and get back to focusing on running the business.

Plus, it allows you to keep everything in one place as membership payments are automatically reconciled within the system, so you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to figure out who’s paid their membership fee and who hasn’t.

Valuable Data Insight

A gym management system will give you valuable insight into your business which is helpful when making important business decisions with confidence rather than relying on guesswork (useful if it’s your first time running a business). Having access to detailed reports enables you to see exactly how the business is performing; the areas that are doing well and the areas that might need a little more attention.

To summarise, there are several benefits to having gym management software. The biggest takeaway is that it enables you to manage all areas of the business from one system; automating mundane tasks that would usually take hours. Gym owners should be ready to adapt to the changing landscape of the fitness industry and investing in reliable gym software is one of the best ways to do that.

ClubRight is an end-to-end solution created by people with first-hand experience in running a gym. It takes care of everything, from automation and access control to class bookings and selling online – plus a whole lot more.

When you work with us, you’ll be speaking to the people that understand the day-to-day challenges of owning a business in the health and fitness industry. Give us a call today on +44 (0)203 884 977 or book a free online demo with one of our product experts.