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ClubRight are thrilled to announce our brand new Head of Customer Experience, Paul Jouanny!

Paul has worked in the leisure industry throughout his career, starting in clubs’ supply side and then shifting to billing for eighteen years. “It’s an industry that changes lives for the better and helps people live longer,” Paul says. “There aren’t many industries apart from healthcare that can legitimately make that proud statement. Plus I love the people in the fitness industry. I’ve met some inspiring characters over the years!”

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Get to know Paul

Paul joined Harlands Group in 2005 as an account manager overseeing a fifty-strong client base and was quickly promoted to Head of Account Management, delivering an online membership product to more than 800 clients. He soon spotted an opportunity to deliver a defined onboarding and project management team. So, he learned the skills to build and create a Project Management Team and soon became Head of Project Management; responsible for internal/client-facing projects and onboarding new clients.

Harlands Group was later acquired by TSG and subsequently Advent, who merged TSG organisations under the Xplor umbrella. Following the merger, Paul became Head of Implementations for Xplor and oversaw the onboarding teams for two payment brands and two CRM brands. 

“I lead four separate teams of wonderful people (most of whom I’d never met before the COVID-19 pandemic!) through takeovers, acquisitions and the pandemic itself with all the upheaval and transition to WFH it caused – all in the space of twelve months,” says Paul. “Then to come out of that intense period of uncertainty not only intact but stronger as a team is probably one of my proudest achievements. It helped me grow as a person and a leader; I’ll remember those lessons learned for the rest of my life.”

Looking Ahead

“The thing I’m looking forward to most about joining ClubRight is that I’m joining a company that has an amazing set of products, teams and reputation, headed up by a founder that understands the need of our clients. Wayne has lived and breathed the sector we play in, and I feel this gives us a great advantage and insight into being able to provide an outstanding customer experience,” says Paul. “I’m also highly impressed by ClubRight’s agility in being able to quickly adapt to an ever-changing world and show a true desire to embrace the latest technology to drive better outcomes for our customers.”


What does Paul get up to when he’s not at his desk?

“I’m a total foodie! I love experimenting with new recipes and enjoy the culinary world’s spicier side.

“Football is my passion in life, I’ve played it (not very well, I hasten to add!), coached it, held a season ticket for Brighton & Hove Albion and watch it on TV whenever I get the opportunity. I’m also a confessed Football Manager PC game addict having bought every version since 1992! But if I’m not watching football, you’ll probably find me getting my step count up along Brighton seafront and the south downs. I also wouldn’t be able to comfortably start the day’s work unless I’ve done my thirty minutes of yoga!”


We’re so excited to have you on board, Paul!

You can reach Paul directly by emailing him at or giving him a call at +44 (0)333 090 9183.