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Complete with all the features you love

ClubRight Complete – Save Time, Grow Faster & Earn More Money

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Sales Funnel

Make your Sales Process Complete by tracking every enquiry through to a sale.

You can create your own stages for the sales funnel

Automate naturing communications at all different stages of your sales process

Create your own sales process stages to suit how you operate

Easy to change the flow with drag and drop use

Easy to see how many potential customers are at each stage in your funnel

Customise the colour of each stage

Easily see by member the stage they are at in real time

See overdue tasks by stages by staff members

Choose and add stage widgets to your dashboard

See at a glance where your next sale is coming from at every stage of your sales process


Growing your business, the smart way with a Sales Funnel making enquiries into customers/members.

+ A Customisable Dashboard

Easy to redesign the dashboard to see how your business ticks how you want to see it.

A few benefits in Utilising the Dashboard

  • Make the Dashboard your own to see what is important in the way you want the layout to look
  • Simple to add and remove key KPIs that drive your business to make the dashboard deliver what you need
  • At a glance see the best selling membership plans, products and classes
  • Check out the KPI trends that show positive and negative changes in the business
  • Make sure you are on top of who owes you money in real-time
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Automated Smart Referral Tool

Grow your membership using your Happy members

Everything you need to setup your own in-house referral Scheme all in one place and start growing your members.

  • Create the offer that best suits your business to encourage your happy members to be rewarded
  • Simple to offer money off monthly memberships
  • Easy to automatically manage your referral scheme with little or no admin
  • Operates with recurring Direct Debit and Card Payments
  • Growing your membership with the help of your happy members

Using ePoints opens a world of opportunity

You now have your own inhouse currency using ePoints

  • Grow your member loyalty using ePoints with promos
  • Allow your customers to create an account in ePoints they can use to buy your products and services
  • Create Gift promotions
  • Give your members Free ePoints to spend to support your customer retention schemes
  • Build credit for each member they can spend in ePoints in the club and online

Intelligent Member Retention Tool via Trainer App – Bonus Feature

Keep your customers paying you for longer with positive customer interaction at exactly the right time every time.

Gives the member of staff/team member the ability to real-time customers that could be at risk of leaving the club

Statistically, when a member who is at risk walks into your club it is the very best time to interact with them to see how they are doing today. Even saying hello can make all the difference

Using the Intelligent Member retention tool allows the staff/team member to see who they need to speak to and use their name when they walk in. As they will get a push notification in their Trainer App as an Alert with the name and photo of that member

Makes taking time out to speak with the most at-risk customers easy every day of the week using the Trainer App

Which App Are You Interested In?

With all 3 apps in one, you'll be ready to go. Not sure, get in touch today!

Members App

Gives your members all the power they need to manage their customers experience

Trainer App

Gives your team the power to sell, book and retain members from their phone on the gym floor

Business App

Gives Business owners unique insight into the KPI’s that drive the business from their phone

Why 3 Apps in one? Because no Gym is Complete without it.

All the features that benefit, grow and simplify your business in one place.


Manage the whole business in one App

Putting all the right people in control of their job role quickly and easily using their mobile phone.


Grow and Retain your members

Our Intelligent member retention tool make keeping members paying for longer so easy on the gym floor.


Sell, Grow and Nurture your prospects

Set up your own Sales Funnel taking your customer from enquiry to sale powered by automation at the right time.

Let’s break it down for you, It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Complete and easy to have all the power you need in your hands to manage your business in one powerful App.

01. Members App

This is one seriously powerful app that gives your members the ability to purchase book and pay with ease all on their mobile. No more expensive membership cards with access control QR codes generated on every visit. Member gets instant overdue payments alerts that they can pay on their App saving you time chasing the debt.

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Your Customers can buy memberships easily

Your Customers book and pay for classes

Your Customers can update and pay overdue payments

Your customers can see the popular and busy times in the gym at a glance

02. Business App

The perfect way to see the health of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, By using the unique Business App access to how your business performs in real-time all via your mobile. 

What does the Business App offer you?

How many new customers joined - shows new joiners today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend

How many customers cancelled - show members who have cancelled today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend

Is your membership growing or declining - using the Net Gain Position shows today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend

Track your Daily Takings to see if you are on target – shows today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend

03. Trainer App

In many business setups, it is often prudent to make sure only the right people have access to only certain areas of your membership management systems. This could be that you want to restrict them as it is not relevant to their job role.

Allowing the right team members to have access to the tools they need in their favourite place which is their mobile phone. This means that the business can be interacting with its customers on all levels at the right time.

This allows the club to grow its sales revenue on the go simply and easily.

Learn more hereBook a Demo

Let's the trainer work on the club floor with all they need to do their job on their mobile phone

Allow team members to sell memberships and products from wherever they are in the club or on outside the club marketing

Allows team members to book members into activities/classes direct from the gym floor on their mobile phone

The Perks keep on coming

Make sure your customers are paid and reduce your debtors with

Automated naturing communications at all different stages of your sales process

Ensuring a great customer experience every time without having to lift a finger by

Creating Automated Customer Journeys (Retain More Members & Saves You Time)

Send messages where they will be seen instantly on your customers’ phones using

Free Push Notifications

Save time & send messages at the same time

Free Smart Notifications (Automatically send emails if a Member does not have the App)

Grow your sales using Promo codes to your target markets

Manage your own Promotion Codes

Make membership changes for your business in a minute with our

Bulk Actions Tool: (Cancel / Freeze / Unfreeze / Extend & Make Price Changes)

Easily Calculate monthly payroll

See who has been working and when with a Staff Payroll Report

Easy to track simple KPIs that run your business with

Google Analytics

Multi-site access

Making it easy if you have multiple sites that a member can access with their membership

Create Automated Tasks for Staff

Ensuring your team know what they need to do when it needs to be done & if it has been done on time

What’s the ideal solution for you?

We offer 3 different monthly packages with clear, concise and affordable pricing.

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