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The Ultimate Health Club Membership Software

ProRight is our most powerful membership software. It’s aimed directly at the growing fitness business, large scale gyms and health clubs looking to drive significant growth through the automation and connectivity offered within the system. Save time and money while you watch your business grow.

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ProRight Is The Ultimate Software

ProRight is the top rated and most affordable membership software, regardless of your size. It’s aim is to provide a powerful tool to help drive serious growth.

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The ProRight Package Is Perfect For The Gym Who Wants:

Increased Automation

Through ProRight, you can enjoy increased automation as the app takes care of member payments, member processing and even things such as class bookings. Your time spent on admin will reduce significantly, allowing you to focus on more important areas.

Significant Growth

With ProRight, regardless of your size, you can drive growth and begin to watch your monthly members and service uptake increase significantly. Whether that’s through better engagement or increased marketing, ProRight is there to drive your sales and help you expand. Market like a professional with Members journeys that take your customer from enquiry to a paying member with ease.

Higher Member Retention

With better engagement through the member app, from two-way texting and marketing tools, as well as connectivity from anywhere in the world, tracking tools and more, you can watch as your retention rate increases before your eyes.

Features and Benefits

With the ProRight Member App, you can keep your members engaged and connected, even when they’re away from your facility.

Create A Member Journey

Engage clients when they make an enquiry by using automated features to send text messages or emails to that client based on their enquiry.

Target Certain Customers

Target your marketing toward certain customers based on their membership plan to ensure they receive the ‘perks’ they expect and feel that personal touch.

Utilise Trigger Points

Hold your members hands even once they’re a member, taking them through the sales funnel with ease thanks to trigger points that you can set.

Increase Engagement

Keep members engaged by utilising automations and sending out messages after their first visit and any visits thereafter to ensure they’re receiving the service they expect.

Never Miss A Payment

With ProRight you can enjoy notifications of overdue payment and send reminders to clients to pay those overdue fees.

Send Specific Notifications

Give your clients that personal service by utilising ‘triggers’ for example, send an email to everyone who books a spin class to remember their towel.

An App that connects your members to your facility

The ProRight Member App allows you to simply keep your members engaged, encouraging them to stay connected, outside of the walls of your facility.


Choose ProRight For A Next Level Service

ProRight has been created specifically for those who want to offer a next level service. ProRight is without a doubt one of the most powerful CRM tools out there for clients within the health and wellness industry, of any size, and it boasts incredible marketing features too.

One of the biggest benefits of ProRight is that it can all be tailored to suit you and your business. Whether you want to differentiate between those with lifetime memberships or pay-as-you-go, you can. You can also track exactly what and how you’re doing using Google Analytics. ProRight is ideal for those who want to drive serious growth, whether you have one location or multiple locations as it offers single and multi-site access too, allowing you to offer different level memberships. Add into this the ability to provide you with payroll reports that you can then input directly into Xero and it’s clear to see how incredible and in-depth ProRight really is.

Track Where Your Leads Are Coming From

ProRight boasts an awesome ‘Promo code’ feature allowing members to purchase membership and/or products using promo codes they see through your marketing. This in turn allows you to track where your leads are coming from and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Keep Track Of Staff Too

Not only does ProRight help manage members, it also helps manage staff as it allows you to utilise certain triggers to send tasks to particular staff members in order for them to respond to specific queries or actions.

What’s the ideal product for you?

We offer three different monthly packages with clear, concise and affordable pricing.

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