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one seriously powerful app

Business App, Built By Gym Owners For Gym Owners

The perfect way to see the health of business 24 hours a day 7 days a week is by using the unique Business App access to how your business performs in real time all via your mobile.

On the Go

Allows business owners to see what is going on in their business’s wherever they are in the world on their mobile phone.

Direct Communication

Be able to ask the right questions to your team as you already know the answers in real time to how the business is performing.

Future Planning

Be ahead of the next challenge before it happens so that you can act fast.

Key Business Data

Makes it simple to monitor key business data allowing you to make important business decisions using real time data.


See the next business opportunity and where you need to focus your attention to grow the bottom line.

Daily Takings

Track your Daily Takings to see if you are on target – shows today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend.

What does the
Business App Tell you

This is one seriously powerful app that gives not only you but your members more control too by using the unique Business App access you can monitor how your business performs in real-time all via your mobile.

New Customers

How many new customers joined – shows new joiners today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend.

Customer Cancellations

How many customers cancelled – show members who have cancelled today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend.

Membership Growth

Is your membership growing or declining – using the Net Gain Position shows today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend.

Real Time management KPIs

Be in real time contact with the heartbeat of what makes your business tick with full access to see where the growth is or where the decline might be. Gives you the ability to be in control of your income.

Track Income

Track your Daily Takings to see if you are on target – shows today, yesterday, Month to date Trend and Daily trend


Monitor the lifeblood of your business recurring income ensure it is always growing – shows current month, previous month and monthly trend to keep everything on track.

Outstanding Payments

Customers who owe you money is never a great position for any business so being able to see the position in real-time is essential – shows the total owing to the business in real-time.

  • New Opportunities

    To see New opportunities to do business with ie prospects added is critical to ensure that the team are correctly recording future member leads so that these can be followed up

  • Till Transactions

    Allows you to see the total but also the breakdown of what has been sold in a day’s sales. Really important to track money coming in over the counter each day.

  • Activities/Classes

    Activities or classes are an essential element of a club’s income which needs to be tracked to see the position regards members’ bookings.

  • Club’s Attendance

    Attendance can be both a positive or negative indicator of how the club is performing. Drops in attendance can indicate other potential issues which could lead to a loss of income or growing attendance shows an increase in income.

In touch with your next sales opportunity

Being able to see the good parts of your business and also the not so good parts of the business in real time puts you in control. Makes it easy to see what you have to do next.

Unsold Activities

Unsold Activities is a sure-fire way of making sure your team are focused on filling up spaces that are unsold. Really important because once that class starts and ends with spaces it is money lost as that time cannot be brought back.

Top performing Membership

Knowing your Top performing Membership Plan is so important as you can see what is working well and then focus on selling more of these. It could actually mean that you fine-tune your plans to simplify to become what your customers are telling you they want – Top 3 plans are listed and show how many you have of each plan.

Top Performing Products

To see which products, sell the best using Top Performing Products makes it very easy to see where to focus your sales efforts on. Make it easy to see how a newly introduced product is selling and focus your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Top Performing Activities

Looking at Top performing activities is important to be able to see what your customers like the most and also can lead to you creating new classes to support the customer demands as you can see exactly what is the most liked.

Expiring Members

As much as sales are important it is key to see which customers are about to expire by looking at Expiring members who will very shortly stop paying you if you have not renewed their memberships, which is lost revenue. Being able to see expiring today, expiring within the week and expiring within a month gives great insight into the movement and income of your business.

Club Messages

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