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It’s normal for new gym owners to experience hiccups in the early days, especially if it’s your first time running a business. The key is that these issues are identified and solved quickly and efficiently, but that’s hard to do when you lack insight into the business.

Management software is a great way to solve issues that new gym owners may have – here’s how.

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Managing Finances

This is one of the most common problems faced by gym owners. Finances are difficult to manage full-stop, let alone with all of the other responsibilities gym owners have to take care of. Management software can help you with several financial tasks, such as staff payroll, bookkeeping and business health reporting.

Getting Customers

A lack of a client base is one of the most pressing issues when owning a gym – it’s the very thing that determines whether you’ll still have a business in a year. Managing relationships and communicating with clients can be difficult, but management software can help by giving you one central system to send emails, texts and push notifications to your members from anywhere 24/7. The best gym software goes a step further; those communications can be picked up by any one of your staff from their own login to ensure no task is ever dependent on one individual.

Member Satisfaction

Keeping members happy is essential when maintaining a good gym environment because if you have a group of members that aren’t happy with your service, you risk losing them to the competition and bad PR in your area. Keep members satisfied by delivering a high level of customer service through consistent communication, rewarding loyalty and giving them control over their memberships, all of which can be managed by gym software.

Highlighting Issues

Management software makes it a lot easier to identify problems at the gym. Things like which memberships aren’t selling, poor retention and members with overdue payments are much simpler to diagnose because you have greater insight into the inner workings of your business. An intuitive system will recognise any possible scenarios that could cause a problem and notify you; such as members at risk of leaving, members that haven’t paid their monthly fee etc.

Members can also report any issues without needing to be face-to-face with a member of the management team using their Member App.

To recap, management software helps solve issues that new gym owners may have by giving you greater insight into the business and allowing you to identify issues before they cause bigger problems. It also gives you the tools to communicate more effectively with your members, therefore improving retention and member satisfaction.

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