About Mas Body Gym

Mas Body Gym is located in Teesside and was first launched in 2011 on the back of the successful fitness clothing brand owned by the founder Mike Hind MBE. Our club has great retention and loyal members who love to grow and improve as our facility does. The gym was responsible for the UK’s biggest-ever weight loss in under a year with Dibsy, who lost over 20 stone in under 365 days. 

We’re also proud to have the most accolades in the Northeast; from Mike winning Best UK Personal Trainer at the National Fitness Awards four years in a row to Ashleigh who is the current Miss Bikini UK champion amongst many other titles.

Mike Hind MBE & ClubRight

Club Info

Contact: Mike Hind MBE
Number of Customers: 300+
Type of Business: Gym

Key Benefits

Automated mundane admin tasks
✓ Enhanced the member experience
✓ Transformed member communications

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Our custom-built system was lacking.

Before we signed up with ClubRight, we used custom-built in-house gym membership software. It got us by for the first few years but as soon as we wanted to start running classes and contacting members more strategically we realised we needed something more. The old software required too many man-hours, too much time and too much effort.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best level of service we possibly can, but that’s hard to do when my staff and I were battling with an inefficient system. If something didn’t change, we risked limiting our growth as a business.

Why we chose ClubRight.

We wanted a way to contact our members from one place so that any member of the team can pick up communication with a prospect or new joiner instead of sharing an email inbox. An integrated booking system was essential too because we didn’t want to have to switch between systems to manage memberships and organise our class schedule. The option to have people book classes themselves instead of us having to do it manually would’ve been a bonus.

We arranged an online demo and we were instantly impressed with the system. ClubRight had everything we needed, but in total honesty, it was their staff that sealed the deal. I knew Wayne and Dan from the National Fitness Awards and a lot of people in the industry spoke very highly of them. It was clear that the people behind ClubRight actually cared and had a good understanding of the industry, so the things I wanted from the software had been already been thought of by people who knew what they were talking about!

Naturally, we had some reservations about committing to a new gym software. As anyone that’s switched systems before will tell you, it’s always a worry moving the entire membership base of the club to something new. However, these worries were short-lived.

ClubRight is the perfect fit.

Fast-forward to now and we’ve been using ClubRight for years. We can contact members with ease, whether that’s individuals, groups or the entirety of our membership base. Bulk emails and push notifications have made communication seamless for us and we’ve noticed our members appreciate us going the extra step with that.

The booking system is so easy for us and our members to use; we can plan our timetable and we’ve got control over how many people can book, when they can book and so on. The staff can see exactly who will be in their class and confirm attendance at the click of a button.

ClubRight’s automation has saved us so much time as well. We’ve been able to automate the majority of our joining process along with our nurturing emails which allow us to focus on being present at the gym with our members. There’s also the option to automate certain emails and push notifications based on member actions, for example, members are automatically sent an email if they miss a payment. Things like that are game-changing because it allows the staff to focus on their other duties.

To be completely honest, we’ve used the system for years and we’re still learning about new features that we can put to use!

The software is great, but above all, Wayne makes me happy! Seriously, it’s fantastic to have people working side by side striving to improve the fitness industry – not just for the club but to give the members a better experience too. ClubRight is the perfect fit for that.

Mas Body Gym and ClubRight

Would we recommend ClubRight?

We always recommend ClubRight. I’m a judge for the National Fitness Awards so I get to see first-hand just how many clubs are using ClubRight and it’s easily the most popular member management software amongst independent gyms.

If you don’t already use ClubRight, you’d be a fool not to sign up. It’s improved the way my club runs and has transformed my member experience.

The last thing I’d say is that as an independent club, the challenges we face are made a lot easier by having ClubRight on board. I find it a lot easier to talk on the phone, so if we ever need some extra help navigating the system, the team at ClubRight always goes the extra mile… which a lot of other software companies refuse to do. 

A massive thank you to the team at ClubRight!

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