About UKA

United Karate Association (UKA) was founded in 1981 as a karate club and has now transformed into an all-around sporting and academic association, providing coaching and tuition in a variety of disciplines and platforms to over 300 students across Essex.

Our dedicated team of instructors are fully insured, DBS-checked and are enthusiastic about improving students of all ages athletically, academically and in their personal lives. The UKA network has expanded into a variety of areas and schools and is very proud of its instructing team and existing students/parents, without whom we would not be where we are today.

UKA and ClubRight
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Club Info

Contact: Daniel Cuthbert
Number of Customers: 300+
Type of Business: Martial Arts Club

Key Benefits

Provided an online bookings system.
✓ Helped reclaim time once spent on paperwork
✓ Provided powerful reporting.

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I needed to concentrate on coaching.

Before using ClubRight, I was very busy all of the time. Not only did I have to teach the classes, but I had class queues of about 20-40 minutes where I was collecting money or talking to parents about the fees and chasing late payments. My time wasn’t best spent doing that, I should’ve been concentrating on delivering a great class to my students. It was hard to keep track of everything and stay on top of my admin while trying to maintain a high standard of coaching.

Why I chose ClubRight.

Our goal was to find a solution to help control our daily class bookings, classes and stay on top of payments. That way, we would be able to spend more time with our clients and concentrate on growing the company.

A friend of mine introduced me to ClubRight at first, and after having a quick online demo with their founder I was confident that the software would help us. They offered online joining and bookings, which would help me automate that process to a point and reduce the amount of paperwork I had. ClubRight also has an integration with Xero Accounting Software and some powerful reporting that would be valuable to us. They also offered a parent/guardian log-in option, which would be useful for the parents of children attending our camps because it would allow them to manage their child’s bookings.

Initially, I was concerned about the setup process leading to even more paperwork and manual labour, but it turns out I didn’t need to worry about any of that.

Life with ClubRight

Soon after the demo, we had some training on how to use the software and then we were up and running. Once our members started using the system we had lots of positive feedback; it was easy for them to use and it made booking onto camps much more convenient.

The system has also made it far easier to manage the club and stay on top of our operations. You can customise the software colours and add in your logo so that it’s fully branded to your business, which looks really professional. I love the birthday notification feature which allows me to send messages to my students on their birthdays – it’s great attention to detail. Little things like that allow me to deliver an even better service to students without any extra work.

We’ve also received an exceptional level of support from Wayne and his team, it’s second to none. ClubRight and the team behind it have helped me feel so much more in control and I feel more in touch with my business. Perhaps best of all, I’m finally able to spend more time with my family because I’m no longer sitting at my desk for hours battling to stay on top of paperwork.

United Karate Association and ClubRight

Would I recommend ClubRight?

I would one-hundred-per cent recommend ClubRight to any martial arts club struggling to stay on top of their admin. Many of the features have made my life so much easier so that I can focus on teaching and spending more time with my family. The whole team at ClubRight have been great, their product is amazing and their level of support is what makes them the best. If you’re thinking about getting started with them, my advice would be to do it asap – I wish I did it sooner!

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.