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By now, we’re all aware of how important it is for your fitness business to be active on social media. It raises awareness and builds brand loyalty, both of which are crucial when it comes to getting more members. 

But what does it even mean to ‘be active’ on social media? It’s one thing setting up an account, but a whole other task to fill your followers’ news feeds with content they care about.

We often hear clubs struggling with what to post, so to get you started, here are some of the top social media post ideas for your independent gym.

Share Inspiration

Sharing photos and testimonials from members that reached fitness milestones at your gym is a great way to celebrate your members’ hard work and get others inspired. It’s also a powerful motivator for your audience when they see people like themselves making positive lifestyle changes. Sharing members’ before and after posts showing major transformations can also act as evidence for the efficacy of your gym.

Introduce the Team

Posting short introductions of your staff helps people to get familiar with your team. You can post photos of personal trainers working with clients, highlights of their certifications and share a bit about their personal fitness journeys. It humanises the brand and helps people put names to faces along with improving employee advocacy.

Video Tutorials

Share video tutorials on how to improve form and how to stretch correctly to help members get the most from their workouts. Posts like these give you a chance to show off your expertise and establish yourself as the authority in the fitness industry. Any type of educational content shows your audience that you care about their progress and adds value to their experience.


Whether you’re unveiling a new class, running a special promotion or hosting an upcoming event, social media is the perfect platform to spread the word. Use engaging graphics and photos to promote what you’re selling and encourage people to sign up. For example, you could run an exclusive discount for a limited time; the people that realise they’ve missed out because they weren’t following your social media, they’ll be sure to follow you so they don’t miss out again.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the key to maintaining a good social media presence is to think about what’s important to your members and get creative on how you deliver it to them. Whatever you do, make sure you stay consistent and continuously engage with your followers.

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