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September is often the busiest time of year for martial arts schools since parents are keen to get their children into good habits at the start of the school year.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand and generate more revenue, but the biggest barrier is often the admin that comes with signing up new students. 

So how can you prepare?

One of the simplest ways to ease the admin burden at your martial arts school is to make it easy for parents to book their children into sessions themselves, pay for them online and so on; all of which become especially useful when parents have more than one child keen to attend. By making it easy for them, you’re encouraging them to do the work for you – meaning you can focus more of your time on teaching students.

What is a Parent/Guardian Login?

A Parent/Guardian login allows a parent or guardian to log in as themselves and manage their child’s profile on their account; ideal for martial arts or boxing clubs that offer classes to children but require their parent to book and pay for the session.

That means you don’t need to spend valuable time at the beginning of a class chasing payments from parents when they drop off their children, nor do you have to spend ages matching up the name on your bank statement to the child taking the class.

How does it work?

Once the adult member has downloaded the ClubRight App, they simply navigate to their Profile, tap Add Child and enter the child’s details. Then they’re free to buy and book activity spaces as they wish using their payment information. Depending on how your martial arts school operates, you can offer direct debits (ideal if you’re running regular classes during term time) or one-off payments for standalone sessions (perfect for kids’ sessions over the summer holidays).

On the admin side, a digital record of the child participant is stored within your martial arts school management software on the adult’s profile as a linked account. There’s no limit on how many children an adult can register, which is great for big families; you’ll see a list of children associated with the adult when you visit their profile.

“Parents can use [the ClubRight App] to book their children into classes and pay for them online so that we don’t have to spend valuable time chasing payments in a class.” Stuart Harris, RKA Kickboxing Academy.

What does it mean for martial arts school owners?

Perhaps the biggest impact this feature has is that everything is automatically reconciled in the martial arts school management software. Meaning if a parent hasn’t paid the class fees with their child, the child will flag as unpaid in the system. At that point, you can contact their parent directly from the management software to remind them that their fees are due before the next session. It also means that the parent doesn’t need to contact you to book sessions; they can do everything they need in the Member App.

Since the parent’s email is linked to the child’s account, you’ll be able to contact them right away if a session is cancelled, some changes need to be communicated or you’d like to promote future classes that might be suited to their children. 


In summary, the Parent/Guardian login is a game-changer for martial arts schools and is especially useful during the school holidays when you’re likely to be running more kids’ sessions than usual. A seamless booking process keeps parents happy while making sure you’re spending as little time as possible on business admin and as much time as possible on the mat teaching your students.

ClubRight is the go-to management software for martial arts schools and boxing clubs; taking care of everything from collecting payments and class bookings to attendance management and belt accreditation – plus a whole lot more. Give us a call today on +44 (0)203 884 977 or book a free online demo with one of our product experts to find out why we’re trusted by more than 800+ fitness businesses across the UK.