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With gyms, sports facilities, and many other fitness venues being forced to temporarily close their doors during England’s latest lockdown, the UK’s leading membership management firm is offering a range of digital tools to support business owners throughout this difficult time. ClubRight, a provider of membership software for venues such as gyms, health clubs, martial arts, dance schools, and more, is extending its online features to help clubs maintain income during closure. 

The award-winning software company is introducing a selection of new ‘social distancing’ features, all of which have been designed and developed by former gym owners who know the industry and understand the damaging impact that lockdown restrictions can have on those businesses deemed to be non-essential by the UK Government. These tools are intended to support fitness businesses as they continue to grow, not only in 2021 but beyond. 

One of the most highly anticipated of new features is ClubRight’s On Demand platform, which enables businesses to create, publish, and share custom content that helps to engage with members even when the doors are closed. Both textual and video content is supported by the platform, providing flexibility for clubs to offer both written articles and more interactive content, such as pre-recorded workouts that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. 

Another highlight of the new social distancing features is Zoom integration, making it easy for clubs to host live virtual classes for their members. This enables business owners to transfer their normal timetable to the online environment – or create a new schedule – and continue to offer real time workouts and classes to members at home. Remote gym and fitness sessions are emerging as the safest, most practical way to keep fit during COVID-19. 

Wayne Heath, CEO of ClubRight quoted,

“While understandable, entering another full lockdown has been devastating for business owners who have been forced to close their doors for the third time in less than 12 months, but we want to show that while this is certainly a challenging time, there are ways to build and maintain relationships at this time. Although the physical doors may be shut, the digital doors are always open, and with support from the right tools, lockdown 3.0 could be a unique opportunity to diversify and grow”

The new social distancing features are being launched at a time when many fitness centres are struggling to maintain their pre-pandemic memberships. According to a report by market research firm IBISWorld, fitness memberships in the UK dropped from an all-time high of 10.4 million in 2019 to 8.4 million in 2020. In July, when many fitness venues were given the green light to reopen, it is believed that only one third of members chose to return to their clubs. 

Eager to see the industry thriving once again, ClubRight is also launching a range of new features that will help business owners to build and maintain COVID-secure environments when restrictions are eased in the future. These features include a new scheduling tool that enables members to see how busy a venue is before leaving home, and full track-and-trace functionality. 

All new services are available alongside ClubRight’s existing membership management offerings, such as the ability to collect member payments online, take online bookings, messaging service, and income reporting. Business owners can implement ClubRight software for just £69 per month.


ClubRight membership management software helps all club owners and sole traders within the fitness industry, from small boutique gyms to large scale health clubs. Dedicated to helping businesses effectively manage their biggest asset – their members – ClubRight’s dynamic and refreshing solutions are simple, efficient, and offer nothing less than seamless connectivity with some of the world’s leading tools, including Zoom, Xero, and GoCardless.

For more information on the features in this post, you can message us through our Live Chat or give us a call on (+44) 0203 884 9777.