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By adopting ClubRight’s members app, gym owners will be able to offer their entire membership a raft of benefits that will make a huge difference to their customer experience.

Remember that the people behind this app have direct experience of running gyms, so the on demand fitness app is designed specifically for this sector. What are the features that gym members will be able to benefit from once they have headed to the App Store or Google Play to download it?

On Demand Fitness Content

One of the key features of our on demand fitness app is, of course, the on demand content that is available through it. The ClubRight platform allows personal trainers and gym instructors to share training plans with clients directly.

This means that it will be ready to go at any time of day or night when the gym member concerned wishes to view it. In other words, because the content of your training plans will be available on demand, your members will be offered a great deal more flexibility.

Bear in mind that it is not just training plans that can be made available through our on demand fitness app. Things like nutritional plans and even gym floor videos can be accessed through it. Simply select the clients to whom such plans would relate and have them head to the on demand area of the members app to access it.

Make Purchases and Payments

Any high-quality on demand fitness app should offer more than on demand fitness content and this is certainly the case with our members app. In addition to the fitness and training plans that your members will be able to access, they will also be able to manage their payments and purchases whenever they want.

This means your members will purchase their fitness equipment and services directly through the app at a time that suits them. Not only will this make your sales processes easier than ever before – because they are automated – but members will find it more convenient, especially if they work unsocial hours and need to make these sorts of on demand purchases outside of normal operating hours.

The same goes for all of their membership payments. These can be automated or managed by your members on an on demand basis, too.

Complete Accessibility

Your members will be able to enjoy instant access to their on demand fitness app from any location in the world as soon as they have downloaded it to their laptop, phone or tablet. In short, this will mean that they will obtain everything they need to continue training wherever on the planet they may be.

All of the on demand services will function reliably whether your member is on holiday, travelling for business or staying with relatives for a weekend break. What’s more, they will be able to share their activities directly onto their social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, directly from the app, thereby boosting your gym’s brand awareness among other potential clients.

For more information on the features in this post, you can message us through our Live Chat or give us a call on (+44) 0203 884 9777.