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A big part of running a successful business in the fitness industry is having your finger on the pulse of what your customers want and being aware of the latest trends that you can capitalise on to get more members.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve predicted the top three trends that gyms, health clubs, PTs and more should be paying attention to in 2023 so that you can get ahead of your competitors.

Offer a Holistic Approach to Fitness

There’s a predicted shift in the way that many clubs market themselves, switching from the traditional losing weight and building muscle slogans to a more holistic approach that focuses on every aspect of wellness. Fitness goals are going to be more about striving for a healthier lifestyle as opposed to short-term goals.

For your club, that means you have to adjust your sales strategy to match. Offer education on habit building so that your customers build a solid routine that works for them. After all, the more ingrained into their daily routine exercise is, the better chance you’ll have at retaining them. Consider the holistic benefits of exercise and how it contributes to better sleep, improved stress management and helps to support mental health.

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Hosting Competitions & Rewarding Achievements 

We’ve discussed competitions and gamification before as tried-and-tested methods of retention, but these strategies are set to become an even bigger trend in 2023. There are 44 million people in the UK that play video games to relieve stress and experience the satisfaction of completing the tasks set – both of which also happen to be benefits of exercise. Pair the two together and you’re innovatively motivating your customers to achieve their fitness goals in a way that your competitors haven’t even thought of yet!

Pair that with using awards to celebrate member milestones and you’ll be deepening the relationship between your club and your customers. Awards make your customer feel valued as well as differentiate you from some of the other clubs out there. They’re also a great way to boost morale; for example, some of our Users use ClubRight to send online awards to members that reach their fitness goals so that when they open their Member App, they get a digital badge and a congratulatory message. 

Personalised experiences are going to be in demand for 2023 – competitions and rewards are a great way to deliver just that.

Growing Your Audience

We usually talk about growth in the context of revenue or membership base, but in 2023 it’ll pay to grow a wider audience. Whether it’s email lists, social media followers or in your local community, expanding your influence over a larger group of people is fantastic for brand awareness – even if most of them aren’t paying customers. If you continue to add value to your audience, you’ll be their first choice when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Plus, being seen as a reliable source of information is good publicity. It shows your audience that you’re knowledgeable in your field and it’ll be easier to build up trust. This usually looks like sharing exercise tips (even if someone prefers to work out at home), nutrition advice or even free workout plans. 

Get a wider group of people to consume your content regularly and you’ll be surprised at the power that gives your business.


If there’s one thing to remember going into 2023, it’s that people’s buying habits and priorities can change fast. The more you’re tapped into their desires, the faster you’ll be able to stay ahead of the rest and give them exactly what they’re looking for. Staying on top of current fitness trends is one of the key aspects of running a successful gym.

Get your systems ready for the new year and book a free online demo to see ClubRight in action – we can get your account set up within the hour. If you’re new around here, our product experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have on +44 (0)203 884 9777.


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