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One of the most valuable systems you can invest in for your gym is one that collects membership payments. Building a stable, predictable monthly income is vital because it’s how you cover your costs and pay your bills. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to scale if you’re having to collect monthly membership fees manually.

Here’s how a membership payment system makes collecting gym membership payments a whole lot easier than doing it yourself.

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Collecting Recurring Membership Payments

First of all, a membership payment system will automatically collect your monthly membership fees. This feature is especially powerful because it means that once the member has bought a membership, you won’t have to worry about manually collecting the money each month. After all, the system will do it for you. Remember though, it’s important to find a system that’s efficient and has a failsafe in place just in case a collection fails.

Maintaining Control

You must stay in control of your gym’s finances, and a membership payment system allows you to do exactly that. Your payments system should allow you to sign up new members in minutes (at the front desk or online) and allow them to choose from flexible payment options that work for you as well as your members. It’s your hard-earned money and the gym’s livelihood, so you should have clear visibility on numbers like profit, membership growth and retention.

Striking The Right Balance

You’ll still want control over day-to-day membership admin, but you shouldn’t be getting weighed down by the intricacies of how it all works. Claire, general manager of Xtreme Fitness Cumbria has used ClubRight for some time and says, “I can finally focus on doing my normal job instead of managing a management system…” which should be what you’re aiming for. The system should give you enough visibility without ending up knee-deep in gym admin as a result. It should be as simple as setting up the memberships and getting people to buy them. The membership payment software will do the rest.

Overall, there are several ways a membership payments system makes collecting gym membership fees easier, but the biggest benefits centre around visibility and control. Being able to see exactly how much your members are paying you and staying in control of that money throughout the whole process means that you can make better-informed business decisions.

ClubRight is the go-to member management software that takes care of everything from managing memberships and billing to class bookings and online joining – plus a whole lot more. Give us a call today on +44 (0)203 884 977 or book a free online demo with one of our product experts to find out why we’re trusted by more than 750+ fitness businesses across the UK.

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