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A strong retention rate plays a crucial part in the success of any fitness studio. Even a 5% increase in member retention rate can increase profits anywhere between 25% and 95%. Despite its importance, many studios don’t have a retention strategy in place because there’s such a focus on acquiring new members. 

However, shifting to a retention-based strategy is significantly more cost-effective.

To get you started on your member retention journey, here are a few proven approaches that you can implement at your fitness studio to keep both newbies and regulars coming back for more.

Create A Welcoming And Collaborative Environment

A positive atmosphere in which members feel welcomed and valued is vital to keeping them motivated and well on their way to achieving their goals. Even something as simple as greeting members when they walk through the door and offering a tour of the facilities to new members can give them a real sense of belonging in those early days.

 Offer Personalised Fitness Programs

Did you know, members who engage in group fitness classes are more likely to renew their memberships than those who rely just on free weights, machines, and individual workouts? That makes offering personalised programs to run alongside a membership a great way to keep your members on track. Think one-on-one consultations, nutrition plans, custom workout plans, and group classes that cater to specific fitness levels or interests.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Addressing concerns and complaints is crucial in building strong relationships with your members; they should feel heard, and their concerns taken seriously. Above all, being polite, respectful and maintaining a people-first approach at every level of your customer journey is a great way to keep your members coming back to the club.

Use Data To Make Strategic Decisions

Instead of trying to guess when the best time to run a class is, use attendance data and feedback to inform that decision. Learn from trends and habits and use them to implement quick wins that members will love. Making informed decisions based on real data is the perfect way to keep delighting your members, helping them stay engaged and motivated.

Introduce Wearable Technology

Incorporating the latest fitness technology is a great way to create a bit of friendly competition amongst members to keep them engaged and give them something to work towards beyond their own fitness goals. Leaderboards are an excellent example – they get people motivated and boost the member experience, something that MyZone does a fantastic job of.

Incentivise Referrals

Offering rewards in exchange for referrals, such as getting free access to a class or money off a membership, acts as an incentive for your members to engage with the campaign. Although it introduces some level of cost, it’s likely to be far cheaper than trying to acquire an entirely new member through advertising. Plus, 44% of individuals prefer to work out with a partner, so encouraging members to introduce friends and loved ones to the studio only increases the chances of retention.

There are several strategies you can use to increase retention at your fitness studio. The common theme across the ones we’ve touched on is simple: putting your customer at the centre of everything you do. The more your members feel appreciated and valued, the less likely they’ll cancel their membership.

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