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ClubRight has announced the launch of its brand-new product, ClubRight Pay: a BACS-compliant, FCA-regulated Direct Debit payments service which is fully integrated with the ClubRight platform.

Powered by London & Zurich, ClubRight Pay gives independent businesses in the fitness industry the power to collect Direct Debits with no fuss and honest, transparent pricing. Collections are safe, secure and compliant.

Born from a desire to help fitness businesses thrive in the current economic climate, ClubRight Pay boasts low transaction fees while offering some of the most advanced functionality in the Direct Debit collections space. Plus, users benefit from money paid into their bank account just three working days after it’s been collected from customers.

Simply put, ClubRight believes that your hard-earned money should be yours – not lining the pockets of collection agencies.

Perhaps the most impressive perk is that you’ll never have to chase debt again, helping to avoid those awkward conversations at the front desk. ClubRight Pay enables you to automatically retry failed payments and receive an immediate notification of a Direct Debit cancellation so that you can address any at-risk members before the collection date. 

In addition to great features, you’ll also get access to a fully-managed concierge migration service if you’re switching from another collections agency, complete with a dedicated migration specialist. If you’re paying extortionate transaction fees, it’s easier than ever to migrate existing Direct Debit mandates to ClubRight Pay.

It’s the perfect option for fitness businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re new to Direct Debits or looking for a more cost-effective solution.

There’s no setup fee, no hidden costs and no gimmicks. Just honest, transparent pricing from 40p per successful transaction. You pay the same flat fee regardless of the amount being collected, you’re only charged for successful transactions there are no nasty hidden charges. 

On average, businesses that collect 350 Direct Debits per month could save more than £1,000 on their transaction fees every year by switching to ClubRight Pay. Whether you’re new to direct debits or searching for a more competitive collections service, ClubRight can help. Get in contact with their product experts at +44 (0)203 884 9777 or visit for more information.