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Okay, so you’ve decided to invest in management software for your gym. But how do you know whether it’s outdated?

Outdated gym management software can lead to all sorts of issues; namely increased costs, increased time spent on managing the management software and hours of frustration trying to make out-of-date software meet your needs.

These are the most common problems we see gym owners experience when using outdated gym software.

Lack of Flexibility

A CRM system should save you time and reduce your workload, but when gym management software lacks flexibility, you’ll find yourself using all sorts of costly workarounds to make it meet your needs. Look for software that offers a customisable dashboard to give you full control over the layout, KPI tracking, bookings and member management. That way, the system does exactly what you need it to do with no fuss.

Limited Features

If your gym management software has limited features, you might have to purchase additional products to supplement the missing functionality. For example, if it doesn’t offer automation, you could be forced to look for a separate tool to make it happen – which increases costs. Ideally, you want a CRM that offers everything you need in one place to avoid switching back and forth between systems.

Hidden Fees

Some gym software providers charge extra fees for integrations, the number of members stored or even a fee just to set the software up in the first place. And usually, they don’t tell you about these fees until it comes to paying the invoice!

Hidden charges soon add up and impact your bottom line. Compare different solutions and if the supplier doesn’t have clear pricing listed on their website, it’s probably a sign that their fees are complicated and additional fees are likely involved. Consider searching for gym management software that’s honest and transparent about its pricing.


In summary, there are many ways in which outdated gym software can hurt your gym. If it isn’t regularly updated with new features and developments then you’ll likely find yourself spending too much time trying to make it work. When looking for a management system, you should make sure that it has clear, transparent pricing and enough customisation options to work for your gym.

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