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Running online yoga and Pilates classes can be achieved in many ways but with the numerous features you get ClubRight’s club management software, there are few better options. Anyone who provides virtual yoga sessions to their clients or who runs Pilates workshops online should take a moment to examine more closely how the on demand services of our app can improve their service.

Directly streaming classes into people’s homes has never been more important for most yoga and Pilates instructors and studio managers. Indeed, since the public has become accustomed to these sorts of online services, being able to offer them going forward is likely to form a big part of many providers’ business plans. So, what features are on offer with our Yoga and Pilates online platform?

A Studio Management Tool For All

Firstly, the ClubRight app is available to download freely by your class members onto any device running Android or iOS. The process of downloading it is easy and you won’t need to support your class members to get the software up and running while connecting to your services.

Just direct your members to the App Store or Google Play and they will be able to enter their details within minutes, giving them the opportunity to book online live sessions or to access your on demand content straight away.

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Achievement Sharing

Few online platforms for yoga and Pilates classes offer sophisticated features that will allow members to share their class achievements so quickly and easily.

With ClubRight’s app, it is child’s play for your class members to share what they have been doing to their social media accounts. Not only will doing so encourage them to strive for further achievements in your next class but it will also help to market your online sessions to other potential clients among their followers.

Purchases and Payments Handled

Attending an online session of a Pilates or yoga class at home through a conveniently designed and clutter-free app is one thing. How about the same software platform handling the commercial side of running virtual classes for you as well? This is exactly what is on offer with ClubRight’s app because bookings and payments can be taken in advance for any live session you run. This way, you’ll have a good idea of exactly how much revenue each session is generating for your business even before you begin.

On demand services can be provided within your membership fee without charge to paid up members or you could opt for a pay-on-demand model, whichever suits you best. ClubRight makes it easy to run online classes but also to do all of the administration that goes behind them.

Access Classes From Anywhere

Once the app has been downloaded by your class members, they will be able to take part in your sessions no matter where they happen to be. In many cases, this will be from their homes but they could equally engage with your classes from a hotel gym if they happen to be away on business, for example.

Even better, your Pilates and yoga studio members will be able to organise when and where they attend your classes themselves, freeing up time for you to do what you do best instead.

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