About Unit 8 Gym

Unit 8 Gym Ltd operates a state of the art gym and classes facility out of 4500sq-ft premises in the heart of the community of Ivybridge. We work with every kind of person: any age, shape, size, or experience level and we are proud of helping our members to become the best versions of themselves mentally as well as physically. Along with having all the equipment and machinery you would expect, we also have a team of fully dedicated experts available to provide the support and guidance necessary to help our members reach their fitness goals.

ClubRight & Unit 8 Gym

Club Info

Contact: Woodie
Number of Customers: 350+
Type of Business: Gym & Fitness Classes

Key Benefits

Provided an effective way to communicate with members
✓ Allowed the directors to focus on business growth
✓ Used the sales funnel to convert prospects into paying customers

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We needed somewhere secure to store prospect & member information.

While we were setting up our gym, we realised early on that we needed somewhere secure to store our prospect information and eventually our members’ information. I’ve used other gym software previously when working in other peoples’ gyms, but I didn’t like any of them enough to use them in my own gym.

We wanted the gym software to match our exacting standards in terms of functionality for both our members and our team, focusing on efficiencies to save lost time on tasks that weren’t revenue-generating. On the analysis side, the ability to monitor and report on all aspects of our business and development was vital so that we could see what business strategies were working. Whatever system we chose needed to support us in our journey to deliver the highest levels of customer service at every point of contact with our members or future members.

After finding ClubRight, we didn’t look at anything else.

ClubRight was the frontrunner amongst its competitors due to its ability to deliver all of the functionality we needed from one system, plus the ability to customise it with our branding. It offered complete facility management and it had plenty of reviews stating how great its customer service is. 

Our only concern during the signup process was, could ClubRight really be as good as we’re being led to believe? 

It certainly was, and way more beyond that.

ClubRight has enabled our business to go from strength to strength.

Since opening our doors and enduring a four-month lockdown back in 2020, ClubRight has enabled our business to go from strength to strength. We particularly like the integration with Xero and GoCardless because we can manage everything from ClubRight, so there’s no need to switch back and forth between systems. Having all of the tools we need in one system helped us focus on key areas of the business while reducing the time we were spending on monotonous admin tasks. We’re able to run our standard gym memberships as well as classes from one place – which is incredibly efficient.

Recently, we upgraded to their Complete solution to take advantage of the Push Notifications feature which has been an excellent tool for member communication. They’ve since added a Sales Funnel to the software and it’s so useful to see our prospects move through it and become members. It’s powerful to have that visualised so we can see where to focus our lead generation efforts

The support we’ve received from ClubRight has been fantastic and their Help Desk team are always ready to answer any questions we might have for them.

ClubRight & Unit 8 Gym

Would we recommend ClubRight?

The total solution ClubRight offers to gym owners is incredible. It gives myself and my co-director so much freedom to concentrate on business growth, rather than getting weighed down with trying to chase late payers or trying to manually stay in contact with every one of our customers.

We’ve been able to grow our business, membership base and class schedule all with the support of ClubRight, so we would absolutely recommend ClubRight – in fact, we already have recommended them to several other gyms!

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.

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