About Revolution Fitness Belfast

Revolution Fitness is a 24/7 gym based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have a large customer base specifically aimed at strength and conditioning training and our members are free to train at any time of the day, benefiting from free parking and a team of personal trainers on-site to help all members with any specific programs or assistance needed. We’ve also recently added our own private sauna and ice bath facility to assist members with recovery.

Club Info

Contact: Peter Hughes
Number of Customers: 1000+
Type of Business: Gym

Key Benefits

Manage a 24/7 gym with ease
✓ Preventing members from sharing their pin codes
✓ Collect Direct Debit payments quickly and efficiently

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We managed our large membership base using spreadsheets.

Before ClubRight, we used spreadsheets to manage our large client database, which had its moments – especially when we lost members’ data on several occasions due to human error. We used a Direct Debit collections supplier that wasn’t designed for gyms, so we manually posted several Direct Debit mandates for new customers. On more than one occasion we’d have Direct Debit mandates sent back from the banks due to not recognising customer details. By the time it got resolved, the member would be 3-4 weeks into their first month of membership and on some occasions, members would leave during that time so we never received payment.

We also had a frustratingly high number of members sharing their entry pin codes with people who were not paying members of the club. As a 24-hour facility, it felt like fighting a losing battle because the gym was unmanned for certain hours of the day, making it pretty much impossible to stop those without a membership coming in.

Why we chose ClubRight.

We wanted management software that could handle our large database and automatically keep everything up to date. The ability to manage Direct Debits and card payments was vital, plus a way for members to sign up and instantly access the gym. Whatever system we decided to use needed to be compatible with our access system and help us address the issue of members sharing their entry codes with non-members.

ClubRight was fantastic to work with and being able to actually speak to a person rather than dealing with bots was a huge factor in signing up with them. We were able to see during the demo that the dashboard is very user-friendly and our staff would find it easy to work with. They also were able to work with our access control system which was another big positive for us.

Our only reservations were the cost involved and the process of moving so much information into a system that we weren’t familiar with. However, the team at ClubRight were fantastic at making sure the transition was smooth and as stress-free as possible.

ClubRight is a great software for 24/7 gyms.

Our gym has used ClubRight since 2019 and there are several features that we love, but most recently the anti-tailgating notification system has been a game-changer for us. It has been superb in helping us identify members abusing the access control system and in the first few weeks we’ve prevented several people from sharing their access pin codes. Having these tools is so important as a 24-hour gym because we don’t always have staff in the building to monitor the entry system. We’d recommend this feature alone to any 24/7 gym or any gym that has unmanned doors.

ClubRight has allowed us to manage our sales process much more efficiently using the Sales Funnel. The push notifications are fantastic at prompting members with failed payments or needing to renew their memberships.

Perhaps our favourite part of working with ClubRight is that we get to speak to actual humans; so many other businesses make you speak to bots which is incredibly frustrating. Knowing we can contact their support team to get answers to any questions we might have makes a huge difference. As an added bonus, ClubRight is always rolling out new features and keeping the software up to date.

Would we recommend ClubRight?

Yes, we would! The system is very easy to use, it’s affordable and the level of service is fantastic. Members find it easy to purchase memberships and book classes, any information we need from them is filled out by them in the app – we hardly have to get involved in the joining process.

If you’re thinking of using ClubRight to manage your gym, have a look at other providers and you’ll see how much ClubRight stands out against other solutions. Our advice would be to go for it!

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.

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