About Aspire Leisure Centre

Aspire is a spinal cord injury charity, and the leisure centre is based in Stanmore and has been designed specifically for disabled and non-disabled people who have experienced spinal cord injuries. 

Our swimming pool is 31 degrees and is fully accessible so that wheelchair users can use it independently and the gym is also fully accessible, complete with swivel-out seats and a selection of disability-specific machines. We also have a four-court sports hall and are home to the London Wheelchair Rugby Club and the Titans Wheelchair Basketball Team.

Wheelchair basketball at Aspire Leisure Centre

Club Info

Contact: Dean Tearle
Number of Customers: 2200+
Type of Business: Leisure Centre

Key Benefits

Significantly improved member communications
✓ Stopped using several different systems to run the leisure centre
✓ Empowered members to book in-person and virtual classes using the app.

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Our old provider caused us issues.

Our previous member management software provider caused regular issues. Whether it was taking payments via our card machines or communicating with members, nothing was a simple process. The reception team ended up using several different platforms to maintain our level of service which wasn’t productive or cost effective. 

Systems had to be updated manually which made certain processes prone to human error and we struggled to communicate important information to members; something that is absolutely vital when 32% of our membership base has accessibility requirements. If a certain entrance is closed or a ramp is out of order, for example, we need to be able to let them know as quickly as possible.

Why we chose ClubRight.

One of the first things we noticed about ClubRight was the communication options available. We’re able to choose from email, text and push notifications (or all of the above if we want!) and send one-off or automated communications. On top of that, all of the relevant staff have visibility over what communications have been sent which has been brilliant from an efficiency point of view.

We really liked the fact that ClubRight is one platform, everything we need exists within one system and we can manage our class schedule from the admin side with the classes mirrored in the Member App.

The only reservations I had about signing up were related to the data upload process and making sure all of our Direct Debits had been transferred across correctly. At the time, my operations manager – the one who looked after our bookings and memberships – had left the business! I was also concerned about member uptake of booking via the app and how they’d react to class waiting list changes, but thankfully ClubRight supported us through every step of the transfer process.

Working with ClubRight has been great.

I love being able to make changes to the class timetable quickly and easily. The Zoom integration means that meeting links are sent out automatically when we host our online classes. That element of automation removed a whole manual step for us, which means that we can scale our virtual classes because we’re not held back by the amount of admin they create. 

The cost saving in switching to ClubRight was also incredibly beneficial and is helping the charity financially; the savings can be reinvested into the leisure centre elsewhere – something that’s very helpful for a charity!

Finally, working with ClubRight has been great. They supported us throughout the set-up process and even now after using the system for some time, we still get quick responses to most of our questions through their online chat and they’re happy to speak to us over the phone if need be.

Swimming Pool at Aspire Leisure Centre

Would we recommend ClubRight?

Yes – especially so for smaller operators. ClubRight really made the move as stress-free as possible. If you’re thinking about signing up, make a list of what your needs are and speak to their team. You’ll quickly realise they’re an excellent solution.

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.

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