About Ignite Fitness

We wanted to create a unique experience for our members and knew that people were looking for fun, effective ways to work out. So we created Ignite: a boutique gym Ignite offering a modern gym floor with PTs available to help. Our main studio is a great mixed-use space to enjoy a yoga session, box fit, Zumba or sweat it out in a circuit class. The spin studio is also a great place to grind it out!

Ignite Fitness and ClubRight

Club Info

Contact: Andrew Charalambous
Number of Customers: 1000
Type of Business:  Boutique Gym

Key Benefits

Gave them the freedom to run promotions & implement new ideas
✓ Enabled them to review business performance from anywhere
✓ Provided a reliable system for their team to use to run the gym

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Our previous software was a nightmare scenario.

Before ClubRight, we used a different software supplier and to be honest, it was a nightmare scenario. There were so many issues with it. Collecting money – which is what any business depends on – was unnecessarily challenging due to glitches in the software and the system was simply unstable. We had no reliable, stable way of managing the gym, collecting money on time and keeping our member data organised.

We wanted to partner with a software provider that would give our team peace of mind with a system we could count on.

Why we chose ClubRight.

We heard about ClubRight initially through just being a business in the fitness industry; club owners often chat to each other about their experiences with different providers and ClubRight’s name happened to come up. So, we reached out to them to organise a demo.

Everything was done virtually which was ideal for us since we’re so busy. We were immediately impressed with how user-friendly the system was and the payment collection features on offer. They’ve got a great reputation and they’re based in the UK so we wouldn’t have to worry about their Help Team running on a different timezone to us.

Sometimes it can be a stressful process to get started with a new supplier because we’d been let down before, but ClubRight had so many positive reviews and great functionality so the decision to get started was an easy one!

ClubRight’s software is

We’ve got a great relationship with ClubRight and they’re always on hand to help if we have a new product or promotion we want to launch in the gym. We could have an idea for a new membership over breakfast and have it live and in the Members App ready to start selling by lunchtime. Efficiency like that gives us so much freedom and we’re no longer limited by what our CRM can handle.

ClubRight is always adding new features; one of our favourites is the ability to add custom tiles to their Member App (which is free!), meaning we can customise how our members see the app and show them the most relevant actions first – buying a membership, booking a PT session etc. We also love the ability to see Reports from the Owner App because it means we don’t have to physically be in the business to see how Ignite is performing.

The software works well for us. It’s efficient, which means the team are spending less time on admin and more time on business development. It’s reliable and doesn’t suffer from glitches. In our experience, ClubRight’s software is bullet-proof.

Would we recommend ClubRight?

I always recommend ClubRight if I see a fellow club owner having a bad experience with their current provider or they’re getting snowed under with paperwork. If you’re reading this and are contemplating getting started with ClubRight, just go for it. You’ll be blown away by the time it saves you and the freedom it gives you!

Join hundreds of instructors across the UK using ClubRight to manage their classes and build community with their members by booking your free online demo today, or speak to us by calling +44 (0)203 884 9777.

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