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When does the Member Journey Start?

Well, that is a very interesting question which will generate a number of different opinions that’s for certain depending on who you talk to I guess.

Those opinions will all be valid in a way because we formulate our opinions based on experiences that we each have in our business lives.

So let’s take a look at it from the customer’s point of view, then this way we can make sure we grab the opportunity of a new member from the word ‘go’.

So when is the biggest impression made?

Yes, you got it, right at the very start of the new member’s enquiry with your club. As we all know, it is the first impression that counts with us, so having a clear process to funnel those new enquiries is critical to see if they ever get as far as joining your club.

You will find that if you stick with these basics there is no better way of ensuring you are in the best position to win the sale.

1. Always get a name

2. Always get a mobile number

You could ask many more questions but from the customer’s point of view, just stop and think how they might feel when they are hit with a barrage of questions. It feels like an interrogation rather than a happy experience to find out how much their local club is to join!

So by asking less from a customer on every new enquiry, you will be able to get more member sales as the whole experience was one that was great as opposed to one that made the customer feel uncomfortable.

The good news now is that you will have a name and number to follow up which statistically means that your sales will increase by making follow up calls to the prospect that has not joined yet. As I feel confident to say, it is likely the other gyms they visited on their shopping trip did not even take a name and number so will never be able to get that new opportunity to join their gym.

Make the first impression the right impression.

First impressions count.  It’s a proven fact that it only takes 7 seconds to make a strong impression!