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Make Your Gym Safe From Coronavirus

If you’re reading this on the day of the upload, it’s the first day of a four-week lockdown. Much like the first nationwide lockdown in March 2020, all non-essential businesses are to close – which unfortunately for the fitness industry means gyms, leisure centres, studios and more are to close their doors until 2nd of December 2020.

Just like you, we’re hopeful that this will not last any longer than four weeks.

UK Government Guidelines For Gyms & Leisure Centres

Existing ClubRight Customers will have seen that we launched a whole host of new features that will help your gym run smoothly and safely when you are able to reopen again. In this post, we’ll be going through some of these features and how they can help your members feel confident when they return to your facility.

The Ultimate Social Distancing Tools from the Ultimate Membership Management Software.

Socially Distant Gym & Fitness Software

We’ve always said we’re more than just a gym software provider, and during the first lockdown, we introduced several new features that made working through lockdown easier for our users. 

Here are the two biggest updates in case you missed them!

Integration with Zoom – Remote Gym & Fitness Sessions

The integration between ClubRight and Zoom video calling software allows you to quickly and easily sell passes to virtual, online classes that would’ve ordinarily taken place at your facility.

It halves the amount of admin time you would usually spend going backwards and forwards between software sending out individual Zoom invites to class attendees.

On-Demand Content – Pre Recorded Workouts

On-Demand creates a whole new revenue stream for existing and new potential customers to get involved with your club online.

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This exciting new feature allows you to create your own video and written content so that it can easily be shared with your members/customers via the ClubRight App.

Think of it as ClubRight’s answer to Netflix! 

How Can You Make Gyms COVID Safe?

First of all, we’ve made it even easier for your members to have a completely contact-free experience: they can purchase memberships or make class bookings online and through their Member App, meaning you can avoid collecting cash in your club.

Track & Limit Customers in Gyms

This has always been possible with ClubRight, but we’ve recently added a feature to the Member App which allows them to see how busy your facility is at a given time. That means your members will know to visit at a quieter time , therefore making it much easier to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

They can even send your club a message to say that they’re going to be popping down to the gym soon, giving you and your staff a helpful heads-up as to who will be entering your facility. Your staff members are also able to see how many people are in your club at any given time.

Schedule COVID Cleaning Times in Your Gym

As important as it is to keep your members happy, it’s also equally as important to keep internal processes running as smoothly as possible.

That’s why we’ve made it possible to block out time in your schedule for cleaning and maintenance to make sure your gym is safe and spotless for the next batch of members or class attendees.

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What’s more, your cleaning schedule is kept completely separate from your class timetable, so it won’t be clogging up your diary or making it difficult to decipher what’s what.

Track & Trace App For Gym Members

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – we’ve added track and trace functionality so that you can keep track of who has been in your gym, when they attended and who was also in the facility at the same time as them.

With this in place, you’ll be following the Government protocols and doing your bit to keep yourself, your staff and your members safe.  

Feedback On Remote Gym & Fitness Software

We recently launched these features, and we’re thrilled to see that our clients are already finding these features incredibly useful! You can read some of what our users had to say below:

“Just wanted to say I’m really impressed with the updates to the software. Incredible work from your team!” 

“It’s a pleasure to be on board with such a forward-thinking company.” 

“Really impressed at the updates you are rolling out. It’s been a challenging time, and it’s reassuring to be with a service who have adapted so quickly for their clients. Let’s hope we can open soon and get our businesses back to where they were!”

Why Should Customers Support You?

We’ve also put together the top three reasons why your customers should support your club throughout Lockdown 2.0. Feel free to share these on your social media accounts to rally support for your business!

  • When your customers purchase from you, they’re not helping a millionaire buy their fourth home in another country. They’re helping independent business owners keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Rather than sticking with big chains, consider purchasing class passes or memberships for independent clubs.
  • We’re still learning about the long-term effects COVID-19 can have on the body, but some of the recognised aftereffects are joint pain, fatigue, shortness of breath and lung damage (source). It has been reported that exercise helps to boost your immune system, which could help protect your customers against coronavirus. Encourage them to join in with your virtual classes and On-Demand content!
  • Exercise helps boost mental wellbeing! A survey by Nuffield Health found that 80% of people working from home in the UK felt it had negatively impacted their mental health, while a quarter said they were finding it difficult to cope with the emotional challenges of isolation. Getting your customers together on an online Zoom class can help them feel less alone, produce some much-needed endorphins. Even just sharing regular updates about your club throughout lockdown can make your customers feel less alone!
  • You can click here to download a free “Stand by Your Club” graphic to use on your social media and motivate your customers to support you over the next few weeks.

We hope this helped you! ClubRight will be available throughout lockdown to help with any concerns you might have – whether you’re an existing user of ClubRight or not. We stand by your club.

If you don’t already have a CRM system in place at your gym, now is the time to look into it.

ClubRight gym membership management software has been built by gym owners for gym owners, so we understand the challenges that you face in your club day-to-day. Even in these challenging circumstances, our number one goal is to make sure that our clients have a reliable CRM that helps them keep their club clean, safe and organised for their members.

For more information on the features in this post, you can message us through our Live Chat or give us a call on (+44) 0203 884 9777.