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One of the main goals (if not the main goal) for any business is to increase profit. A great way to approach that is by increasing spend per member.

Author of Principles of Advertising & IMC Tom Duncan explains that encouraging a customer to buy an add-on is simply “encouraging customers to buy a more expensive product than what they had in mind.” It’s much easier to get five members to spend an extra £10.00 than it is to get one member to spend £50.00.

Now, this doesn’t always mean selling your members a more expensive membership – what if you could sell them an additional item that would enhance their overall experience?

Here at ClubRight, we define Bolt-ons as a paid-for add-on product to a membership sale – whether that be paid for monthly or upfront. This makes it super easy for your members to make an extra purchase alongside their membership either online or in person. The easier this process is, the more likely your member is to purchase the bolt-on! 

When it comes to selling the bolt-on, think about the value that it will provide to the member’s experience of your club. For example, if you come across a member that is incredibly dedicated to achieving their fitness goals, they may find a PT Session bolt-on useful. Or if your club is more studio-based, you could sell a bolt-on for a towel at the end of every spin class. The aim is, to add experience-enhancers that will increase customer loyalty and increase your profit margin.

So overall, bolt-on selling is a very easy way to increase your gym’s profit margin and increasing member loyalty! To learn about how you can use bolt-ons with ClubRight, book a demo by clicking the button below!

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