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“Built by Gym Owners, For Gym Owners.” A statement that sums up ClubRight to a tee. But let’s dive beyond that.

Why become a gym owner? Why open a gym?

If you love working out, you get to do what you love for a living. If you enjoy fitness yourself, for example, if you are a personal trainer with a passion for fitness that wants to have a career change within the industry, opening a gym could be the right venture for you.

From a philanthropic point of view, you’ll be making a difference to peoples’ health – and in cases – turn lives around. It’s one thing achieving your personal goals, but to help someone achieve theirs gives you that warm sense of accomplishment. “I wanted to run my own business and have a change of scenery,” says our CEO, Wayne Heath. “After a long career as a Mercedes Benz Dealer Principle in one of the most profitable dealerships in London, I decided that I wanted to spend more time with my growing family and get myself in a career that allowed me to get closer to my customers in a field that aligned with my values. So I bought a gym.”

If you consider yourself somewhat business savvy and fancy yourself a new challenge, opening a gym is a great way to do this. You may find yourself in a whole new industry with a clean slate to run a business that YOU want to work in. You will have taken control of your future. A quote from one of our customers – Dawn of Elyte Fitness Cambridgeshire, summarised it up perfectly:

“I have been working in the fitness industry for about 25 years, in various venues as a personal trainer and, more recently, running my own Boot Camps and Indoor Classes. After having experienced local gyms and their facilities, I saw an opportunity to offer something new and fresh, with the intent to engage more with clients and give them an up-market, boutique facility, incorporating the latest in Functional Training equipment, classes, personal and small group training. Our intent is for our clients to feel part of our team, by making it easy and fun to participate in fitness activities, encouraging them to stick with it and see the gains they are searching so hard for, whatever they may be.”

Opening a gym isn’t for everyone, so realistically you should assess your current situation and look at your options. Is this the right thing for you to do? This article is simply to show you the kinds of benefits that you can reap by opening a gym. This post marks the start of a series that we will be posting regularly, with the intent of helping people out there that are thinking about taking the plunge into the fitness industry.

Have a great weekend everyone!