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Tuesday 14th of November saw the first ever ClubRight Customer Focus Group held at our offices in Billericay, Essex. We invited some of our loyal customers to hear about the latest features in ClubRight, enjoy some lunch and – most importantly – to ask our customers what they want to see from the next software release. The ClubRight Team are always bursting with ideas as to what we want to do next, but we wanted to see what our customers want to be implemented into our software so that we can prioritise what our customers want to see first. The day was a great success; with guests such as Phil Horton of UK Active joining us to say a few words and Craig and Jeremy of eGym UK presenting their member and trainer app, which ClubRight has integrations with.

Kicking off the day with some networking and coffee, we made sure our guests were given the opportunity to mingle with like-minded gym owners. They talked collaboratively about how they each ran their different types of gyms and how they got the most out of our software, which as a former gym owner, is something our founder understands as extremely valuable. With coffee and conversation in full swing, it was time for our guests to have a seat and find out what’s new in ClubRight.


Next, we opened the conversation to our upcoming software release. We invited our guests to tell us what they would like to be implemented for our next software release in January 2018. There were some brilliant ideas put forward and engaging conversations taking place, and it was interesting to hear from our users to see what they had in mind. These discussions are important to us as a business because we pride ourselves on being a collaborative company, always open to listening to our customers’ ideas, therefore we valued this insight into our customers’ wishes.

Afterwards, it was time for Craig and Jeremy to present their eGym member and trainer app. It was great to watch them display their app and bring this option to our customers’ attention. Our integration with eGym is completely free and so is the eGym app, so we felt it was important that our customers were aware of everything the app could do with the member data that ClubRight holds. By opening this opportunity up to our customers, they can see how it’s possible to grow and advance their gyms to become head and shoulders above their competitors.


Following on from the eGym presentation, Phil Horton of UK Active used the time to say a few words about just how UK Active can help our customers. “It was a pleasure to attend the ClubRight focus group,” Phil summarises. “A truly relaxed environment to share ideas and brainstorm on ways to improve the software for the business owner and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. It was nice to connect with the independent operators to share how UK Active is there to support them and deliver on getting more people, more active, more often.”

The first ClubRight Customer Focus Group was a great success and allowed ClubRight to engage with some of our customers on a new level, which is something that we do not often get to do because we have customers in so many different areas of the UK; it can be hard to get multiple people in one place. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that was able to attend, and we look forward to seeing you all at next quarter’s focus group!

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