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We speak to many clubs across the UK every day, and one of the issues we encounter most is gym owners using several different systems to run their business. They’ll use a spreadsheet to store member information, Google Forms to collect ParQs, PayPal to collect payments and accounting software to manage their business finances. 

What if we told you that you didn’t need to have different software for every admin task at your gym? That there’s an end-to-end solution that allows you to manage everything from one place?

Up your member management game in 2022 by implementing ClubRight: a member management software created by ex-gym owners with a focus solely on simplicity, efficiency and nothing less than seamless connectivity with our industry suppliers.

Read on to learn how our solution can transform your club.

Joining Online with ClubRight

Collecting Vital Customer Information

Google Forms is a popular choice for many clubs, mainly because it’s free. However, the functionality is very limited. What happens with the data once you’ve collected it all? You still need to enter the data into a separate database (which is usually a spreadsheet at clubs that don’t use a CRM system) and reconcile everyone’s details. This is a time-consuming process, especially if you don’t have anyone to delegate the task to. It means you’re spending more time in front of a computer and less time on the gym floor helping your customers to achieve their fitness goals.

Another drawback of using separate software to collect member information is that you don’t get a real-time feed of your main business KPIs, such as your number of active members, at-risk members and missed payments. 

When you switch to an end-to-end solution, you’ll be able to streamline the collecting of member information so that it’s stored in a secure database as soon as it’s submitted. For example, ClubRight allows you to collect prospect information using our online sign-up process as well as adding a digital ParQ for your customers to fill out when they join. Plus, you’ll be able to see all of the KPIs we mentioned (and more!) on the system dashboard. With a system like ours in place, you’ll be significantly reducing time spent on member admin.

Payment Providers That Aren’t Integrated

When gym owners begin collecting online payments, the first choice for many is PayPal because they’re one of the biggest payment processors in the world and are a household name. However, it’s not the most effective solution for gym owners for a few reasons. First, they’re expensive – their cost per transaction is significantly higher than other providers in the same space. Second, it only takes care of your online payments so you’ll still have to manually reconcile them in your database and your accounting software.

ClubRight works closely with GoCardless to bring you a flexible Direct Debit solution that cuts through payments admin and keeps your members coming back for more. With our integration, you can offer flexible payment options, sign up new members in minutes and enjoy super low fees that will keep your rates competitive – all from within the ClubRight system.

Online ParQ with ClubRight

Accounting Made Easy.

As if drowning in membership admin wasn’t enough, gym owners also have to take care of their accounting. Even when you’re lucky enough to have the assistance of an accountant, you still need to make sure your business transactions are mirrored in your accounting software. Again, it’s another boring and time-consuming process that could benefit from being automated.

To combat this common pain point, ClubRight works with Xero Accounting Software to post daily accounting records to Xero through Manual Journals, without flooding your Xero account with transactional detail. At the end of each working day, all income that has been received – whether it’s via online payments or cash collected through the till – will get transferred into Xero automatically – you don’t need to do a thing!

This means that your income split by denomination (cash, card, cheque, Direct Debit income) will no longer require a manual update from you or your accountant/bookkeeper. You can also use nominal codes applied to membership plans, products etc. to get even more detailed, accurate reports.


To summarise, keeping all of your operations under one roof can save your hours of time every day so that you can spend more time doing what you do best. Use integrations to streamline internal processes such as signing up new members and organising payments. Selecting the right CRM system for you is crucial, but ultimately you should be looking for a solution that brings all of your operations together in one place.

Want to streamline your processes and supercharge your member experience for the year ahead? Let’s see how ClubRight can help. Speak to us on +44 (0)203 884 9777 or book your free trial to see our solution up close.

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