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There are several reasons why a member might request to freeze their membership. Usually, it’s because they’re going through something temporary (hence the request to freeze and not completely cancel their membership), such as a change in personal circumstances, medical issues or changes to their finances.

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A membership freeze still shows some level of commitment to your club, but it’s no good if they never reinstate their membership. So, you need to come up with a plan to get them off freeze and turn them back into paying members.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when re-engaging frozen members.

Be Personable When You Make Contact

Remember that there’s a person at the end of your communications, so be sensitive to their situation when you reach out. They’ll have frozen their memberships for a reason so be mindful of what they could be going through. While it’s tempting, don’t automate these communications. Reach out on an individual basis (perhaps starting with a phone call) to check in on the frozen members rather than immediately trying to persuade them to reinstate their membership.

Have A Plan In Mind

Once you’ve established whether the member would be open to unfreezing their membership, come up with a plan of action to get them there. If their routine has changed (such as a new work schedule or other commitments) then suggest how they could incorporate exercise into their new schedule. If they’re struggling to find childcare, propose online workout classes that they can complete without having to leave their home.

Reintroduce Frozen Members As You Would New Members

If your frozen member hasn’t been to the gym for a while, they’ll likely be a little rusty when it comes to getting back into their workout routine. Help them build back up to where they were before they froze their membership and continually check in with their progress so that they stay on track. Ask the member to define their version of success and get clear on their goals. In doing so, you’ll create a solid rapport with the member and limit the chances of them freezing again.

To summarise, the best way to re-engage frozen members is to rely on personable communications. Avoid see-through automated emails and reach out on an individual basis to understand each member’s circumstances. From there, re-onboard them as if they were a brand-new member. Understand how they’ve changed in their time away and get to the core of their goals. The more ingrained your club is into their routine, the less likely they are to freeze again.

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