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The fitness industry has been thriving in recent years, but the pandemic and cost of living crisis have brought about new challenges, with many gyms exploring alternative revenue streams to recover from the financial impact. 

Even if your gym is doing well, exploring alternative revenue streams is a great way to give your business extra financial stability because you’re not reliant on a single service to make money. It also gives you a competitive advantage by offering value-add products to enhance the member experience.

If you’re looking to diversify your gym’s revenue streams, here are some great places to start.

Additional Training Sessions

Offering personal training and small group training sessions is one of the most effective ways to generate extra revenue. It’s the perfect opportunity to provide tailored programs and support your members in achieving their fitness goals. Just think of the extra income you’d generate if just 30% of your members invested in personal training sessions!

Virtual Classes

Virtual classes were hugely popular during the pandemic and it’s continued into the present day as people demand more convenience from their fitness experience. Virtual classes can be live-streamed or even pre-recorded and they’re perfect for individuals that can’t commit to attending the gym as much as they’d like. They can be sold like traditional class passes, the only difference being that the member will receive access to a video link when they purchase a pass.

Merchandise & Physical Products

Another great income generator is selling branded merchandise and physical products. Think t-shirts, water bottles, gym bags or even nutritional supplements. It’s a great way to enhance the member experience and provide members with a way to support your gym beyond their membership with you.

Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with corporations is a lesser-known income stream and one that’s often overlooked by gyms. Many larger organisations are interested in promoting employee wellness and some are even willing to pay for their employees’ gym memberships or fitness classes. Whether you work with corporations to subsidise the full amount of memberships or offer a small discount for their employees, it’s another valuable source of income.


To summarise, there are several alternative revenue streams that gyms should look at. Relying on membership fees or class passes as your sole source of income can be risky. Diversifying income secures the future of your business and allows you to adapt to new challenges. Review the resources you have on hand, consider what your target audience might want and think of a way to deliver it to them.

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