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We’ve got less than ten weeks left of 2021, and what a tough year it’s been for the fitness industry. After spending the first four months of the year closed due to government lockdowns, gyms and clubs across the UK will be beginning to plan for 2022 and strategising ways to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One area that must not be overlooked is member retention. The longer you can retain your members, the higher their lifetime value and the more revenue you’ll generate as a result.

With that being said, here are the four retention strategies that we predict will be hugely popular in 2022.


Employee Retention

Before we start talking about member retention, let’s discuss employee retention. 

If you operate a larger organisation with staff, you must be tuned into your employees. Make sure you’re checking in with them and making sure they’re happy. If your employees feel looked after, they’ll be far less likely to leave. After all, happy employees that feel like their opinion is valued and feel like they’re making a difference to the business, they’ll be much more likely to go above and beyond for your customers. Plus, staff that are aligned with the mission and vision of your business tend to perform better.

This strategy still applies even if you work alone. You are your most valuable employee, so be sure to check in with yourself and make sure you’re happy with the way you’re running things. Taking a step back can help you identify where you might need some extra help or spot opportunities where technology can reduce your workload.

Loyalty Programmes Go Digital

Rewarding loyal members is a great way to retain them and keep them coming back for longer. But with the increased amount of technology creeping into the fitness experience, there should be a digital touchpoint of some kind. For example, offer long-standing members a promo code that they can redeem online to claim a free protein shake on their next visit. 

Rewarding loyalty digitally makes the experience far more convenient for your members and it’s simple for you to set up too. ClubRight users can even use the dedicated Member Awards feature to assign specific rewards to specific members or groups, which is especially useful to congratulate members on important milestones. Doing so will help your customers feel valued and contribute to better member retention.

How to retain your members

Gamification & Wearable Tech

Gamification is the strategy of adding games or game-like elements to something to increase participation. In simple terms, create a bit of friendly competition amongst your members to keep them engaged and give them something to work towards beyond their own fitness goals. Leaderboards are an excellent way to get everyone motivated and boost the member experience, as are wearable devices such as MyZone

If your CRM system is integrated with wearable device technology (like how ClubRight is integrated with MyZone), then your members will only need to complete the signup process once. When done correctly, it’s easy to set up and a super convenient process for your customers and offers instant gratification for new signups. You can combine gamification with the awards strategy by offering prizes when members hit their targets!

MyZone Integration with ClubRight

Communication doesn’t end when your member leaves the gym.

The final retention strategy is all about communicating effectively with your customers because their experience doesn’t end when they finish their workout and go home for the day. Use email and push notifications to reach them on their rest days to see how they’re doing. You can also reach members that might be at risk of leaving if you notice they haven’t attended in a while to reengage them. 

You can also publish On-Demand content that your customers can benefit from when they’re not at your premises is also an effective way to make sure you’re still on their radar.


These are the most crucial retention strategies of 2022, the common theme being using technology to improve the member experience and keep your customers paying you for longer. A seamless member experience is key and this can be achieved by making things as convenient as possible for your customers, whether it’s claiming a reward or renewing a membership.

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