About Body Tech Fitness

Body Tech Fitness is an independent gym chain in the north of England. We’re known locally as ‘The People’s Gym’ for our continued community engagement and charitable endeavours; which are a priority of ours. 

We hold over 1,000 active members at each of our sites and have a wide range of strength equipment and cardio. Our focus is on staff-member rapport within our community, the aim being to offer a personalised service that the more commercial gym chains do not.

Club Info

Contact: Nick Whitcombe
Number of Customers: 1,000+ at each site
Type of Business: Multi-site Gym

Key Benefits

Provided valuable insight into business data

✓ Manages more than 1,000 memberships across multiple sites

✓ Used ClubRight’s branded app to significantly grow the business

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We used software that was based overseas.

Before we signed up with ClubRight, we used a management system that was based overseas. It was unreliable and incredibly rigid. At the time we didn’t know any better, but unfortunately, failings within the system meant that we lost the opportunity to collect invaluable data for our first four years of running the business.

The fact that the system wasn’t based in the UK meant that getting support was a challenge, leading to a lot of hold-ups as a result of timezone differences and slow response times.

Why we chose ClubRight.

After some research, it became more and more likely that ClubRight would be the solution for us. They offer a feature that allows us to sell ‘multi-site access’, meaning we can sell memberships that offer members access to all of our sites. A lot of other providers couldn’t facilitate this or if they could, they’d charge a totally unreasonable price. ClubRight’s pricing is also modest compared to other providers – without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

The only thing we were concerned about before switching to ClubRight was integrating ClubRight with our existing access control systems. We use magnetic locks, turnstiles etc, and having them connected to our management system was a must-have.

As it turns out, it was a simple and cost-effective switch.

ClubRight’s functionality, price and service level are second to none.

The two main benefits of ClubRight outside of the obvious membership management are the extensive reporting tools and being able to have a branded app. We’re able to track crucial marketing data and export it ourselves for further analysis. Then, the option to rebrand the ClubRight app to our business has enabled us to expand the business significantly and appear much more professional to our members. 

The bit that impresses me most about ClubRight is undoubtedly their customer service team. On the rare occasion we’ve needed some assistance, they’ve been extremely prompt and proactive. At one point we had a problem with our access system and although it wasn’t specifically a ClubRight issue, their customer service team went above and beyond to find a solution when they really had no obligation to!

We’ve encountered many suppliers over the years and very few of them would even consider a level of service of that standard. We’re forever grateful for Paul and Yoana’s assistance.

Would we recommend ClubRight?

I would recommend ClubRight – I have and I’ll continue to do so. The functionality, price and service level is second to none. If you’re not happy with your current management software and you’re thinking about moving to ClubRight, do it!

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