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It’s now 2019! (Unless you’re reading this in the future –
in which case, that statement is
inaccurate). We can’t believe how quickly time has gone, and how much ClubRight has evolved in such a short space of time.
In the nature of it being a new year, as business owners,  we all have the opportunity to start again with  a clean slate. So why do most people continue to stick with the same mediocre systems that just simply aren’t benefitting them?
The answer is simple: change can be a stressful process – how do you know that your provider has your business’ best interest at heart? Below are a few tips on how to know which providers are right for you; from equipment to food and drink, to software (*wink wink*).


  1. 1. Are they reliable?
  2. 2. Do they have a great selection of products or services to complement your business?
  3. 3. How good is the quality of what they are offering?
  4. 4. What are their levels of service?
  5. 5. Are they good value for money?


  6. Five simple questions are enough to make you reconsider your choices. As mentioned, it’s a brand new year and the possibilities are endless!
If you’re looking for a membership software that can give the green light to all of the above points, then look no further – we can get you set up quickly and easily. To take a look, use your smartphone to scan the QR code below, or simply click to book a demo!