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It’s common for gym owners to dip in and out of marketing; mainly because they have so many other responsibilities to attend to. Posting on Facebook or sending out prospect email campaigns are low on the list of priorities since more reactive tasks often take precedent.

Marketing is more than running a campaign, event or strategy. Marketing is the continued implementation of all of these tactics to constantly drive new leads and attract the right type of people to your fitness business.

We’re breaking down the steps often overlooked by gym owners when it comes to marketing in the fitness industry so that you can drive more leads and increase your revenue.

Joining Online with ClubRight

Create your own buyer personas.

The first step towards successful marketing is understanding who you’re marketing to. Think of your ideal member and note down all of their key attributes: give them a name, age, likes/dislikes and income. The more detail you can give this persona, the better you’ll be able to market to them by appealing to their lifestyle and interests. This level of insight will allow you to connect with them on a deeper level.

Focus on communication.

Being in constant contact with your customers will help you to understand their needs better and give your marketing some direction. The goal is to meet your target audience in their moment of need – social media and email marketing are great places to start because they’re low cost and you’re able to reach people from their smartphones. You can read this post for more tips on how you can better communicate with your customers.

Automate wherever possible.

Social media posts, outreach and followups are great examples of crucial but mundane activities that you can automate. Scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite and Later allow you to schedule your social media posts so that you don’t have to keep remembering to post on your Facebook page. 

ClubRight allows you to automate the joining process so that you can focus on is marketing your gym. You’ll have a unique joining link that you can customise to fit your branding and share on your social media pages, emails and other digital forms of communication. You can even generate a QR code to get those offline prospects, online. The key focus here should be to stay in constant contact with your prospects with automated emails, sharing content that speaks to the problems they might be facing. You can even use ClubRight to set up workflows that follow up on prospects that have dropped off during the joining process and encourage them to complete their sale.

How to upgrade your gym’s marketing strategy

Data, data, data.

After you’ve got a consistent marketing strategy in place, you need to review the data regularly to make sure it’s working. Social media engagement and click-through rates will tell you whether your audience finds your content valuable and how many people are converting from social media followers to prospects. ClubRight allows you to insert Google Analytics tracking into your online joining platform so you can monitor exactly how many people are visiting your joining webpage and how many of them go on to convert to paying members.

Analyse and adapt.

The next step is to analyse and adapt based on what the data is telling you. If your engagement on social media is dropping, try switching up the content you’re sharing. If your conversion rates are low, you might want to think about simplifying the joining process – consider refining your membership options to make decision-making easier or keep the online ParQ brief so that it can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can read more tips on how to improve your online joining process here.


By implementing the above tactics in your marketing strategy, you’ll feel more in control of your lead generation process. Plus, by using automation and analysing your data, you’ll have a far more optimised and intentional process that will lead to better quality leads registering their interest at your club. 

Still stuck on nailing your marketing strategy? Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how automation at every part of the sales funnel can supercharge your business.

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