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Hey everyone! Brandon here!

If you’re not sure who I am, I’m the blonde guy in the ClubRight videos that you’ve been seeing lately – you may remember me for my Oscar-winning performance in the GDPR video!

But beyond that? I’m an ex-personal trainer that loves to see people succeed.

I started immersing myself in the fitness industry at nine years old – coming from a family of boxers means that I was encouraged to get pick up some gloves at a young age! I loved the social aspect and meeting people my age with common interests, plus I lived for the rush of adrenaline that I got before a sparring session. A few years of boxing allowed me to get in pretty good shape, so when I turned 16 I put down the gloves and turned to the gym.

I’d only been going to the gym for a matter of weeks before it became my passion. Working out and getting a sweat on was what I really loved doing. Around this time, I was offered a job to work at the gym as an apprentice – at the time, this seemed like a sweet deal: earn money while working out and doing personal training on the side! And at first, it was. I enjoyed helping people see results with things they weren’t happy with, whether it was their diet, their weight or their fitness. However, time went by and I grew frustrated with my job. Being an apprentice was restricting, the software that the gym used was irritating and difficult to use and I was getting more and more clients that simply didn’t show the motivation and drive to make the lifestyle changes that I was trying to help them with. So, I completed my apprenticeship and flew the nest.

I then spent some time working in London and it was fun at first, but the long hours and commute meant that I had next to no time for going to the gym – and sacrificing my passion was not something I was prepared to do.

So that’s how I landed in my position at ClubRight! My bad experiences with poor gym software in the past means that I really do get how annoying having poor software can be. I want to help PTs and gym owners by showing them the benefits that ClubRight can offer their businesses! It sounds very cliché, but I genuinely wish that I had ClubRight when I was personal training. It would have allowed me to keep track of everything – it certainly would have given me the support I needed to start my own personal training studio!

So there you have it! That’s my background in the fitness industry – what’s yours? I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have for me about ClubRight or even becoming a personal trainer. Let’s chat!

You can connect me here on LinkedIn, or click here to book in a demo with me