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Britain is closer than ever to becoming a cashless society. We’re sure you’ve seen the articles (and if you haven’t, you can find one of them here) – is your business prepared for the possibility of going cashless?
With this in mind, we’ve put together six benefits of having online card payments integrated with your gym software!

1. You can allow your customers to purchase upfront Memberships.

2. It’s easy to take a pro-rata payment or joining fee upfront after the member has signed up to their  Direct Debit membership.

3. Stored card details mean that your members don’t even have to bring their card when they come to your facility!

4. If you’re using ClubRight to manage your gym, members can make purchases through their app quickly and easily, using their stored card, making it easier for them to spend money!

5. Using card payments allows members to easily renew expired memberships online or on their app, which stops unnecessary queueing at the front desk.

6. Has a member missed a payment? No problem! They can log in to their app (if you use ClubRight of course) and catch up on payments, without the embarrassment of turning up at your gym and being told that they owe money.

We hope that helped you see the benefit of introducing online card payments to your business!

For more information on how you can use online card payments with ClubRight, you can book a demo here.