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Pre sales pricing strategy

Download your free template for modelling pre-sales pricing

A gym’s pre-sale and launch strategy can be the difference between achieving profitability early, on time or in fact at all.

The sheer success of your business could hinge on your ability to drive revenue and volume early in its life.  The sooner a business is able to reduce the deficit between their income and outgoings the better they will be in being able to protect cash flow.

It is important that you set your prices early on.  This should have already been considered during your business planning phase.

Pre-sale prices should be a discount from your main prices.


  • You need to generate interest fast
  • You don’t have a facility to show people so you are asking for commitment to a product they cannot see.
  • You want to reward early adopters so they become your influencers
  • The aim of pre-sale is not to fill your club full of cheap memberships but to create a sales momentum and increase the price at steady intervals until you reach a full opening price
What you get:

Spreadsheet template for modelling pricing

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